Lawn Mowing Etiquette | How to Be Social Neighbor

by | Dec 26, 2020

Lawn mowing etiquette.

You have probably about etiquette in terms of having good table manners, greeting others, and so forth. But, are there do’s and don’ts when it comes to start mowing lawn? Yes, there are some guidelines you ought to follow when you cut your grass to make sure you do not disturb others’ peace in your neighborhood.

Also, you do not want the noise of your lawnmower to get in the way of others’ quiet time, family time, or sleeping schedule. And you also do not want to go against your city or town noise regulations. If you want to stay in peace without quarreling with anyone in the neighborhood, it is high time you start practicing some lawn mowing etiquette. Below are some helpful lawn mowing etiquette tips that you can implement in your lifetime.

“If I feel motivated at 3 am, can’t I mow my lawn? “Thus, a question you might want to ask. Sadly, the answer is, you can not mow your lawn during this time of the morning, unless you have a quiet lawnmower, of course. ” It’s my lawn after all, why can’t I do what I want with it?” And this might be your reasoning. Yes, it is your lawn, but practising some lawn mowing etiquette will come in handy to be a good neighbor.

It is important to make sure when you mow your lawn, and you do not disturb your neighbors’ peace. You should avoid mowing very early or too late when the majority of people are fast asleep. Being woken up by a neighbor mowing right under your pillow is one of the most frustrating things ever. Polite mowing is a great practice that will help you to be in good books with your neighbors.

Know the noise regulations in your city or town

Noise regulations and sound community expectations protect our health and the quality of life of citizens. So It is necessary to implement strongly designed, enforceable or enforced noise regulations in your society which leads lead to neighbors a happy and respectable life. So there might be regulations about when to mow your lawn in your city or town. If you do not know them, it is wise for you to ask “uncle Google.” “He” always ensures you have vital information at your fingertips. You can as well ask others in your hood. Remember the golden rule, “if in doubt, consult.”

Image; Community noise level standard

“What if my neighbors are ok with me mowing my lawn at 3 am?” That is another question you might want to ask. Mowing time, in this case, is determined by local audiences. Therefore, it is pivotal to understand the rules in your area regarding time to mow your grass and follow them. You will reap the benefits of following those rules, I assure you. Those rules can extend to the length of the lawn.

Avoid using gas-powered lawnmower

Gas-powered lawn mowers are noisy. Noise pollution is the last of the thing you would want to cause. It is detrimental to students in your neighborhood. More so, it has a negative impact on animals’ hearing. If your mowing equipment is gas-powered, it will make more noise compared to electric-powered equipment. Your typical gas lawn mower operates at approximately 95-100 decibels, which is pretty loud.

Opt for an electric lawn mower

A typical electric lawn mower emits sound equal to background conversation in a restaurant. Amazing, right? In order to make sure you do not make much noise when mowing, you might want to consider using an electric-powered lawnmower. Your neighbors will greatly appreciate less mowing noise.

Examples of quiet lawn mowers you can opt for

To ensure you do not frustrate anyone in your neighborhood when mowing your lawn, use a quiet lawnmower. Below are some great examples of quiet lawnmowers available in the market

Greenworks Pro 21-inch 80v cordless lawn mower

Greenworks Pro 21-inch 80v cordless lawn mower is one of the best lawn mowers you might want to consider buying. What makes it outstanding is that during operation, it is entirely silent. If you are also looking for an eco-friendly option, this lawn mower is a great choice. It is also user-friendly, and you can adjust the depth of the cut into six different positions.

Husqvarna LC221RH sell propelled lawn mower

Husqvarna LC221RH is an excellent lawn mower. The noise outcome of the Husqvarna LC221RH is 89 dB only. It is less quiet than any other battery-powered models of lawn mower and riding lawn mower. During operation, it is pretty quiet. To make it even a better choice, it is lightweight, making your grass-cutting job cushy. You will love its quality grass cutting as well as its marvelous mulching and bagging options. If you choose a heavy lawn mower engine like Husqvarna MZ61 lawn mower it might be for your big lawn size. It will make a vast sound and your neighbors will be irritated surely.

Mow your lawn regularly.

While waiting for your lawn to get overgrown, to start mowing, it may seem like a good idea, and you should avoid it. Keeping up with your lawn is the right thing to do. It a lot cushier to deal with a lawn that is not overgrown than a wildly overgrown one. It will take you longer to cut tall grass. Furthermore, longer clippings will be left lying on the ground, which will be unsightly on your lawn when they dry out. You probably don’t want your yard to look ugly and deserted because of the wildly overgrown lawn that looks more like weeds. Cut your lawn in time.

Recommended lawn cutting height and lawn mowing frequency

I recommend you keep the height of your lawn at 1/2 to 3 inches. However, that will depend on the species of your grass. In the growing season, you will notice some rapid growth of your lawn, so you’ll need to mow your grass once a week. Your city or town might also have rules concerning the cutting height of the grass. It is important for you to know and understand them. You don’t want to have problems with the law enforcement agencies, I bet., then be compliant.

Remove clippings from your lawn.

Although mulching your clippings can be a cool way of feeding your lawn, if your grass is wet and tall when you cut it, clumps of clippings on your lawn will be unsightly. Therefore, it is important to remove large clippings from your grass so that your landscape will be attractive-looking. You do not want your yard to be an eyesore to your neighbors and visitors. Removing clippings from your lawn is not too hard of a chore. All you need is a rake, which you can use to get clippings in one place and put them in a bag.

Mulch small clippings from your lawn

If your cut grass was not too tall, you could spread the small clippings evenly on the grass to add nutrients to your lawn and ensure your lawn’s healthy growth. Small clippings, unlike large ones from tall grass, won’t be unsightly when they dry out. Mulching small clippings is like killing two birds with one stone. Your lawn gets nutrients, and at the same time, your landscape remains beautiful.

When dealing with tall grass, large clippings can be left behind. It is not safe to leave large clippings on your lawn, as they can do more damage than good to your lawn. Do not let your grass clippings blow onto the street or your neighbor’s driveway. If they do, it is good to grab your broom or leaf blower to remove the clippings.

Make use of mulching or collecting options on your lawnmower. Some lawn mowers will provide you with the option of cutting and mulching, cutting and collecting, or cutting and spreading the clippings aside. You will have to choose the option that will not cause anyone frustration and one that is also good for your grass. It is that easy.

Don’t make a habit of borrowing lawnmowers.

A need can arise for you to borrow a mower; however, make sure you do not habitually borrow mowers in the neighborhood. When you have borrowed a mower, make sure you return it to the owner in time. It is not good to stay long with a borrowed mower. You should avoid inconveniencing the owner as they might want to use it. You do not want to return the mower in bad condition. Make sure you return the mower in a good state or even better than it was when you borrowed it. If you happen to damage it, make sure to take responsibility and repair the damage.

Know your neighbor to schedule your lawn mowing with them in mind

Make a suitable lawn mowing schedule. You should not base on generalities when it comes to choosing the best time to do lawn mowing. Knowing your neighbors will greatly help you understand the best time to mow your lawn without disturbing their peace. If, for example, your neighbor has little children, mowing your lawn after 7 pm might not be appreciated.

Avoid mowing your lawn on the following days:

(i) Days when your neighbor is having a special get together, cookout, or party

Perhaps, you have a busy schedule, and when you think you have got the time to cut your grass, you realize that one of your neighbors has guests around or is having a special occasion. What would you do – continue your lawn mowing? Or would you instead leave it for another day? As convenient as it might seem, mowing your lawn when your neighbor has a special occasion is not ok. You do not want to appear as a jealousy neighbor by doing some noisy lawn mowing. The occasion won’t take forever, have some patience, and let the folks have fun.

(ii) Days when your neighbor’s kids are having discussions for exams

Doing your mowing chore when you see your neighbor’s kids discussing exams is the worst thing you can do to your neighbor. You don’t want to be that neighbor who stands in the way of their neighbor’s children’s academic success. Respect your neighbor’s kids’ studies; it will be greatly appreciated.

Don’t be passive-aggressive

Many people tend to stop where their property boundary ends when mowing shared grass. However, this is sometimes regarded as passive-aggressive, depending on your neighbor. It is the same as telling your neighbor to mow their grass. Mowing the grass won’t kill you, be a good neighbor. On the other hand, however, communicating with your neighbor is key when you want to mow their side of the property. People are different. Your neighbor might not be comfortable with you mowing their part of the lawn.

Important points to keep in mind

  • Practicing lawn mowing etiquette will help you to have great and lasting relationships with your neighbors. Great relationships mean you will live happily in peace.
  • You should abide by the lawn mowing regulations in your city or town to avoid suffering the repercussions of not following rules.
  • You should avoid mowing your lawn at times when the majority in your neighborhood are sleeping.
  • Knowing your neighbors is important as it can help you know the time to mow your lawn that is convenient to your neighbors.
  • You can choose quiet lawnmowers instead of loud ones when purchasing lawnmowers. These won’t cause noise pollution and are convenient for everyone.
  • Quit the habit of borrowing lawnmowers. If you borrow lawn mowers, make sure to return them on time. If a borrowed lawn mower is damaged, be responsible, and get it repaired. Try to make sure to return a borrowed lawn mower in good or even better condition.
  • Make sure to clean clippings from your cut grass to make your landscape looks attractive.
  • Mowing grass regularly is a- to- practice lawn mowing etiquette. It improves your landscape’s overall look and makes future lawn work a lot easier and less time-consuming.

To Wrap Up

Just like greeting others is important, so is lawn mowing etiquette. Taking great caution when mowing your lawn is pretty rewarding. Because you love your lawn, you ought to mow it, and because you love the community, you mow your lawn with the community in mind. Simple, right? Following the guidelines mentioned above will make you and your neighbors happy. At the same time, lawn etiquette, like cutting your lawn regularly and clearing away clippings, will improve the overall look in your landscape, and that’s a great thing.

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Kazi Taslim


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