Greenworks Pro 21-inch 80v Cordless Lawn Mower Review

by | Nov 24, 2020

Greenworks Pro 21-inch 80v cordless lawn mower review

Greenworks pro-21-inch 80v cordless lawn mower is different among typical mowers for many factors. This Greenworks lawn mower is easy to move, has excellent runtime and adequate battery power, and it is above all, a silent lawn mower. The deck height adjustment provides the best cut in any situation. It is developed to manage all lawn varieties and can trim in any environment.

Here we will provide all information about this Greenworks mower. We hope this Greenworks pro-21-inch 80v reviews will help you to choose the best lawn mower for you.

Quick View of Greenworks Pro 21-inch 80v cordless lawn mower 

Greenworks Pro 21-inch 80v cordless lawn mower 


Deck Size:  21 Inch
Deck Material: Steel
Cutting Heights: 7 Position
Front Wheels: 8 inch
Rear Wheels: 10 Inch
Vertical Storage: Yes
Discharge Features: 3-in-1
Tool Warranty: 3 Year
Battery Warranty: 4 year
Battery Capacity: 5Ah

Self-Propelled Drive

Greenworks has different types of lawn mowers. Greenworks pro 21-inch 80v mower is a self-propelled cordless lawn mower. It maneuvers like any other steel deck and huge expensive mower. The self-propelled feature is fast enough, easy to adjust, pretty quiet, and light-weight. You will feel comfortable while running this mower. It is the unique model of this self-propelled lawnmower.

Deck Material

The cut-level quality of the GreenWorks 80v 21″ self-propelled mower is robust. It has an innovative smart-cut system of a 21” metal deck. If your lawn has significant grass growth, or if the grass height is more than 4 ”, you can easily cut it with its strong blade. This 21” deck helps you cut more lawn on each move, providing you a quicker trimming period. The steel design gives additional sturdiness and lightweight to the mower.

Height Adjustment and Range

It provides seven height choices from 1-3/8″ to 3-3/4″ to adjust the height with its solo lever. This flexibility of different heights is up to the mark. Therefore, you can adjust this device to any height for your utmost comfort.

It is suppling with the tremendous energy of the lawnmower.  An operator can easily adjust the cutting height as needed –and You do not need to turn off the machine when setting cutting the height.

Handle Positions

Greenworks Pro 21-inch 80v cordless lawn mower is easy to handle. Its auto-detect system can detect tall grass, and so It might be a great choice for you apart from other lawn mowers with the same price range.

Discharge Options

The three types of lawn discharge options make this device immensely versatile. You can choose among Side discharge, Rear discharge and Mulching without any hassle. If you use the discharge on the right side, you can cut long grass without dealing with shaking. And In the full mode of disclosure, there might be a few splashes on the right when you give the lawn raw, So you should cut your lawn clockwise, then you can easily pass these clamps on your next pass.


Greenworks pro-21-inch 80v cordless lawn mower provides a four-year contract. Company will fix, change or issue your return for items which are identified to be faulty, or which have been defective during shipping.

Key Features

Let’s have a look at the critical features of Greenworks Pro 21-inch 80v cordless lawn mower –

  • Brushless motors are trustworthy and provides gas equivalent efficiency to the 160cc gas motor
  • 80V 5AH li-ion power with a quick charger, suitable battery.
  • charger types GCH8040, GBA80400, and GBA80200.
  • Approximately seventy minutes of work time with a totally charged 5.0AH battery
  • Three in one mulch, side discharge and, rear bag.
  • Battery and charger integrated.
  • SmartCut Technology


  • Excellent runtime
  • Enough power
  • Can manage wet or thick grass
  • Includes two batteries
  • Steadily built for superior durability
  • Good warranty
  • Large tires
  • Shapes tall grass nicely.


  • Loses clippings in the course of bagging
  • Bit expensive

Special Features of GreenWorks 80v cordless lawn mower

There are some unique features on this mower. Let’s see these-

Brushless Motor 

The powerful lithium battery and revolutionary brushless motor generate a real gas performance. The digitally managed brushless motor mixed with the 80V provides a powerful trimming capacity that can handle larger parts and challenging situations.

The rechargeable battery is using Cutting-Edges technologies to provide the best battery life. In a single charge of 30 minutes, It can be able to cut about 10000 sq it a time.

The strength of the motor is equal to those of the 160cc gas motor. Smart Cut technology makes the Greenworks Pro 21-inch 80v cordless lawn mower more efficient and effective. A Brushless motor ensures more torque, quiet operation, and longer life for the mower.

Greenworks Pro 21-inch 80v mower offered with an option of three designs as listed below.

– 2 x 2Ah batteries: Model No. GLM801601

– 1 x 4Ah batteries: Model No. GLM801602

– No battery (device only): Model No. GLM801600


Greenworks Pro 21-inch 80v cordless lawn mower review.

Smart Cut Technology

Its SmartCut™ load-sensing technology automatically adequates load & ramps from 2800-3200 RPM as necessary. And 21 in. steel cutting deck gets the job done quickly and more efficiently. This function expands the quality of cutting.

Ball Bearing Wheels 

You do not know how useful the ball bearing wheel could be till you have cut with other types of wheels. The tires on this Greenworks Pro 21-inch 80v cordless lawn mower are fantastic and help get your mowing much more pleasant.

7 Position Cutting Heights 

height adjustment position

There’re seven individual blade levels to select from the lawnmower. Not just you have many alternatives for height, but you could modify in one easy motion using the solitary lever height modification system.

Our verdict

We would suggest the Greenworks pro-21-inch 80v cordless lawn mower for persons who own or two acres of yard. The potentiality of this mower is proved. The battery life is great. This mower is less expensive but works smoothly with its powerful battery. Greenworks Pro 21-inch 80v reviews show its features are great and helpful to mow tall grass. Overall its features are great.

Let’s See a Video Review

What You Should Know?

Engine Size and Power

Greenworks Pro 21-inch 80v cordless lawn mower has DigiPro brushless engines for its optimum efficiency.  The long battery lifespan and the Pro functions GreenWorks‘ are automated, the power-adjusting program that tracks the energy needed to trim your yard and modifies the battery appropriately to expand the mower’s work time. The motor also provides extra power to the dual cutting blades in order to cut fast and heavy grass.

Deck Width 

The 21” cutting deck enables you to cut your lawn effectively. The more extensive cutting deck ensures excellent cut. There’s additionally height-modification lever which allows you to select from seven trimming heights, permitting you to provide your yard with a simple, refined, and even appearance.

Torture Test

Greenworks Pro 21-inch 80v cordless lawn mower is suitable for medium size lawns. It works for about seventy minutes which is lab-tested and safe. You don’t have to think about its battery life once you start to use it. This device can detect the thickness of grass and changes its cutting pace automatically.

Cutting Area 

The Greenworks pro-21-inch 80v cordless lawn mower can mow tall, thick, and wet grass. Also, cut like a large and huge expensive mower. This mower can trim one or two-acre at a time.


It is a silent mower. If you are one of the people who are aware of ear safety when it is time to trim the grass, the Greenworks pro-21-inch mower can be a complete thought for you. The mower runs very silently, meaning you do not have to damage the wellness of the ears or your connections with the neighbours. 

Why You Should Buy?

Design and Durability 

The mower has a brushless motor and ensures excellent design and strong durability. It is a light mower compare to other mowers, but it provides you strong structure with long battery power. Greenworks Pro 80v battery ensures a potential and long battery life.

The hassle-free Electric start and ultra-quiet minimal vibration versus comparable gas mowers, no gas, no core, no maintenance of Greenworks pro21 80v lawn mower make life easy and comfortable.


There is no doubt about the performance of Greenworks Pro 21-inch 80v cordless lawnmower. Its features allow it to perform smoothly on a harsh and wet lawn. Its motor ensures its durability; its deck and blades are excellent. Overall this mower offers you high-quality performance. 

Cutting Power

Cutting power is possibly an essential function of the lawn mower. It’s where cordless, as well as corded, electric lawnmowers frequently fall short. But, the great news is, the Greenworks pro-21-inch 80v cordless lawn mower does a fantastic job in that category. Its smart cut technology offers you an excellent cutting experience. The mower can auto-detect the thickness of the lawn and modifies its trimming speed to fit. 


The mower has a good warranty which provides you with ease. It’s easy to assemble. It will take only 30 minutes to set up the mower. The mower is easy to maintain and easy to switch between different functions. You can quickly assemble its parts. Greenworks Pro 21-inch 80v parts are easy to move and adjust. You don’t need too much time for its maintenance. It is not required large space for storage.

Safety Features 

This product has simple safety features. That allows you to use the lawn mower more conveniently and secured. The charger has a function that turns on the integrated fan when the battery gets too hot while charging. To start and stop of lawn mower in any incident immediately, there is a safety lock button and a ball-levers system.


Greenworks pro-21-inch 80v cordless lawn mower is less expensive. So, the cost is worth it as it offers you great features. All its parts are highly qualified to maintain your lawn. Once you have it, you will experience excellent mowing activity.

Final Verdict

Suppose you are the owner of a medium-sized yard and want to keep it neat and tidy.  Greenworks Pro-21 80v Cordless Lawnmower would be your great choice. Analyzing the features, specs, cost and above all cutting quality Greenworks Pro 21-inch 80v cordless lawn mower would be a safe investment. The mower is long-lasting and will preserve your time, money, and energy in the long term.


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