Top 7 Best Tractor Seat in 2021 | Review and Buyer’s Guide

by | Mar 10, 2021

Editors Choice

Stens – 420-182 High Back Seat


Stens - 420-182 High Back Seat
  • Item Weight 7.54 pounds
  • Dimension: 21.67 x 18 x 15.5 inches
  • Power Source Type: Gas-powered
  • Seat Material: Vinyl
Best Value

Lawn Mower, Garden Tractor UTV / ATV Seat


Lawn Mower Garden Tractor UTV  ATV Seat
  • Universal Seat: Fit Many Models
  • Dimension: 25x 18 x 18.5 inches
  • Multiple Mounting Patterns
  • Seat Material: Vinyl
Premium Choice

Mophorn Universal Forklift Seat


Mophorn Universal Forklift Seat
  • Universal Seat: Fit Many Models
  • Dimension: 19.37 x 18.9 x 20.08 inches
  • Designed: 3 Stage weight Adjustment
  • Seat Material: PVC and poly urethane

Do you think getting a comfortable seat for your tractor is a wrong choice? The most comfortable seats for tractors are those that boast of a parallel seat guide with hydraulic dampers. Your comfort and convenience rest solely on the design and quality of the seat you are using. So, getting the best tractor seat is one of the decisions you will never have to regret.

There are many side effects from using a bad tractor seat such as the strain on your back, and the pain due to the pressure exerted on your back muscles. The only solution is through the use of a good seat that is compatible with your tractor. 

It is essential that you know the best tractor seats in the market, the brands that produce the best, and the guideline needed for installation and maintenance. All mentioned will be our focus on this page as we offer the right information you are looking for.

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What are the Features to consider buying the best tractor seat?


Giving your attention to the quality of the material of the tractor seat you are about to buy is an excellent decision to make. Over time, the material determines the longevity of the seat. The tractor seat material often tells of the quality of the chair, and sometimes it determines the longevity.

If the materials used to make the tractor seat are of low quality, it is likely it doesn’t last long. Such a less quality seat can easily get damaged by coming in contact with any object or losing its strength and compactness due to constant pressure. So, getting a seat with quality material is a great deal.


If a tractor seat can’t withstand environmental pressure, it’s possible it doesn’t last long, considering you have to use the tractor outdoor with the seat. It might be exposed to sun, rain, and snow. A durable seat will come with the capacity to handle all at once. This is the secret to the longevity or long lifespan of some tractor seat. So, when getting a tractor seat, you need to get a durable one.

Size and Design

The size of the seat is an important factor you need to consider. Also, the design is another factor that you should never overlook. If you are getting a replacement for a damaged tractor seat, you need to consider some measurements.

You need to get the exact size of the seat you want to replace, so you don’t have any issue with its installation. Tractor seat comes in different sizes, and getting the right one is the first step to being comfortable whenever you sit on it.

Also, the design is a great factor, as said earlier. Sitting on a seat for a longer period can make your bum warm as a result of heat and less air ventilation. Due to this, seat manufacturers do ensure that their seats are designed in such a way that it doesn’t cause sweating and overheating, which makes it portable and convenient for anyone to sit for long periods of time.

Seat Cushion

Whenever you are getting a seat, the cushioning is a defining part of the seat that you need to pay attention to. Cushioning is essential as it helps prevent fatigue and reduce unnecessary pressure on your back muscle and spine, thereby reducing back pain.

So, you should get a seat with adequate cushioning which will help to keep you comfortable for a longer period without any form of discomfort.

Versatilities (All-in-One tractor- Seats)

Just as I mentioned in the size section, you need to get a perfect tractor seat that will fit your tractor without hassles. It might be quite difficult to get a seat that will fit your tractor perfectly. However, opting for a versatile known as an all-in-one tractor seat will eliminate all chances for worries.

The 7 Best Tractor Seat

Stens – 420-182 High Back Seat

best tractor seat

The Stens high back seat is a lightweight seat that is made from vinyl material. It is designed to be used on tractors, and it has all parts and features that support its primary purpose, which is to keep you comfortable whenever you sit on the seat.

The seat is made to offer exceptional comfort for you to stay convenient whenever working with your tractor. The tough and quality materials used in its production make it easy for the seat to withstand anything.

Also, the texture of the material makes it very easy to clean. If you are looking for a seat that doesn’t wear or tear easily, this seat is one option for you to consider. The waterproof features ensure that that seat doesn’t get soak or wet due to moisture such as sweat or rain.

Furthermore, the design integrates a central drain hole that helps to prevent the water from puddling. You can never get discouraged with the seat as it takes just a few seconds for you to install it on your tractor. One other important feature which makes it last longer is that its material is coated with a corrosion-resistant finish.

Stens - 420-182 High Back Seat.,.

Stens – 420-182 High Back Seat.


    • Corrosion-resistant materials
    • Very easy to install
    • It has a wicking system to keep moisture away.
    • It is environmentally friendly.
    • It is tough and strong to last longer.


    • It doesn’t come with the right holes to bolt to the tractor.

    Lawn Mower, Garden Tractor UTV / ATV Seat

    Best tractor seat

    Looking for the right tractor seat for the riding lawn mower, garden tractors, or UTVs, then you have the right choice to consider with this seat. It is a dynamic tractor seat that fits many models of ATV, UTV, Lawnmower, tractor, golf cart, utility cart, and much other construction equipment.

    It thus fits perfectly on John Deere, Allis Chalmers, Bobcast, Ford New Holland, Kubota, Mpl, Moline, White, Massey Ferguson, and Oliver. The seat is made with the lightest material in the market, which makes it very easy for you to move from one place to another without hassles.

    It is covered with a heavy-duty moulded vinyl cover that makes it highly durable and strong to handle any weather condition. The better part of getting this seat is that it has multiple mounting patterns, which make it easy for you to install on your tractor within few minutes.

    The foam used is of greater quality to ensure that you stay comfortable and convenient on the seat whenever you are using your tractor. The back of the seat is comfy to keep your back in good posture and ensure you don’t feel any hurt in your back. It helps to keep the back muscles well relaxed to keep you convenient on the seat for a longer period.

    Lawn Mower Garden Tractor UTV ATV Seat.

    Lawn Mower Garden Tractor UTV ATV Seat: Measurements


    • It is a versatile seat.
    • It is lightweight and easy to carry
    • The cover is weather-resistant.
    • It has multiple mounting patterns.


    • Mounting on tractors can take a longer time.

    Mophorn Universal Forklift Seat

    Best tractor seat

    Looking for the most comfortable tractor seat out there in the market for your tractor? You’ve got the perfect one here. This tractor seat is the type that comes with multiple applications. It can be used on different kinds of vehicles as it comes with multiple mounting options.

    The seat is a product of high-quality material with a great technological system that makes it durable and strong for a wide range of applications. It is designed to offer the maximum comfort needed to ensure you are convenient on the seat whenever working with your tractor.

    The seat boasts of suspension that helps in reducing vibrations which then plays a significant role in keeping you comfortable even if you have to go through rough terrain. The amazing part of it is that that the structure makes it so easy for anyone to install the seat as It comes with all the required accessories.

    Also, with the three-stage weight adjustment from 130 pounds to 265 pounds and a backrest that has a 15-degree adjustment setting, you will always remain comfortable. Furthermore, the long life span of the seat is never questionable since it is made from high-quality PVC on the outside while the inside is of polyurethane sponge.

    Mophorn Universal Forklift Seat,

    Mophorn Universal Forklift Seat: Parts


    • It is made from materials that can stand up against exposure to sun and water.
    • Boasts of ergonomic design
    • Highly durable
    • Adjustable settings for maximum comfort
    • Comfortable and convenient to sit for a longer period
    • Versatile
    • Easy to install with all required tools available
    • It is made from premium materials.


    • It doesn’t come with retractable seatbelt.

    Black Talon Highback Kubota Tractor Seat 

    Black Talon High back Kubota Tractor Seat

    The Black Talon Highback Kubota Tractor Seat is well built with quality materials to keep you comfortable whenever you sit on it. It is a versatile seat compatible with many tractors such as Kumiai, Massey Ferguson, Mitsubishi, Satoh, Windrowers, Yanmar, Mahindra, and White. It has a different mounting pattern that you need to know for you to have a smooth installation.

    The versatility that allows it to fit on different tractor models has a six-bolt mounting pattern that fits most Kubota compact tractors. So, if you are looking for a better seat replacement for any Kubota tractor, the Black Talon Highback is a good one to consider.

    The design and construction of the seat are dynamic in such that the manufacturers have the interest and safety of users at heart. Its design makes it strong, so you can sit on the seat for a longer period without feeling pain or discomfort on your back. It gives the adequate support needed for your back to rest properly so you can remain convenient on the seat.

    Also, the tractor seat comes with a steel pan with heavy-duty vinyl covering. Furthermore, the seat has drain holes which help ensure you are not wet whenever you sit on the seat for a longer period. It has a clean and attractive look because of the vinyl and polystyrene foam molding.


    • Great back support
    • Breathable design with air movement to keep the seat dry
    • It is comfortable and convenient to sit for a longer period.
    • It helps in reducing fatigue.


    • The seat can get hot when exposed to the sun for a longer period.

    Deluxe Mower Tractor Seat 

    Al Products Deluxe Mower Seat High Back

    The Deluxe Mower Seat High Back is also a versatile seat that you can consider for your lawnmower, tractor, utility wagon, and many more. The seat is designed with the comfort of the user at heart. It helps to keep you comfortable whenever you sit on it. It has a back where you get to lay your back so that you can reduce the pressure on your back muscle.

    The construction and design of the seat boast of a durable waterproof style that makes it great for all-season use. It comes with a versatile design, and that makes it fit on many tractors. If you own a john deere seat and you are looking for a john deere tractor seat replacement, you’ve got a perfect one for yourself here.

    Also, the seat has mounting holes that make it fit for many applications. You can fit it on many tractors, golf carts, lawnmowers, UTV, and it is also compatible with brands such as John Deere, White, Oliver, Kubota, Moline, MPL, Massey Ferguson, Ford new holland, and case-IH.

    Deluxe Mower Seat High Back,

    Deluxe Mower Seat High Back : Measurement


    • Multiple mounting patterns
    • Universal seat settings
    • It is durable with waterproof construction.
    • It has mounting holes for easy installation.
    • It is built with strong and high-quality materials.


    • Installing might take a longer time if the holes don’t fit. 

    Foldable Heavy Duty for Tractor Forklift Excavator Skid Steer

    Foldable Heavy Duty for Tractor Forklift Excavator Skid Steer,

    Getting a foldable tractor seat offers lots of benefits than you can ever imagine. The Foldable Heavy Duty for Tractor Forklift Excavator Skid Steer comes with such a feature that makes it very easy for you to fold. The seat is compatible with mini excavators, forklifts, wheel loaders, dozers, excavators, lawnmowers, and UTVs, to mention a few.

    You can use it on any other vehicle, but you have to consider the mounting system so that you do not end up making a wrong investment. For users such as riders that will sit on the seat, you need to know that the seat doesn’t have the capacity to support anyone above its load capacity, which is 110 to 287 pounds.

    The durability and sturdiness of the seat are never questioned as it is made of top premium materials. The construction boasts of a firm steel plate with durable PU leather and high rebound polyurethane foam. This material can easily stand up to temperature and exposure to water which makes the seat last longer.

    Also, the seat comes with great features, and part of it is the adjustable range of armrest, and seat height adjustable which serves as a means to make the seat comfortable for you. Also, the construction ensures it is fully equipped with a highly effective shock absorber with seatbelts for maximum safety. So the seat is not only to keep you comfortable but safe and secured whenever you are working with your tractor.

    Foldable Heavy Duty for Tractor Forklift Excavator Skid Steer'

    Foldable Heavy Duty for Tractor Forklift Excavator Skid Steer’


    • Adjustable and convenient settings
    • Safety and protection system included
    • Very comfortable
    • Easy to install on any compatible tractor
    • Foldable with ergonomic design
    • Weight and height-adjustable settings


    • Quite hard to fit with some tractor models

    Full Suspension Seat for Tractor, Excavator, Forklift, Skid Loader

    Full Suspension Adjustable Seat for Tractor, Excavator, Forklift, Skid Loader

    Choosing a universal tractor seat is never a wrong choice for you. It thus saves you the stress of finding a tractor seat that is compatible with your vehicle. This product here is a tractor suspension seat that is well built with top quality materials. Its construction is a combination of great technology and quality resources of material.

    That said, the above is justified as the seat and back come with a cushion that is manufactured using vacuum foaming with a one-time shaping technique. Due to this technique, the seat can be removed and replaced easily. The seat has a design and settings that fit most vehicles, such as a forklift, aerial lifts, riding mowers, excavator, floor scrubbers and trenchers.

    The seat is made of high-quality PVC leather material, which is its secret to resisting any impact from temperature and water. On the outside of the seat is a PVC material, while on the inside is the polyurethane sponge and the combination of the two makes the seat a strong and durable one to consider.

    Some features that come with the seat makes it hard for anyone to overlook, such as the shock absorber, adjustable armrest, seat belt, adjustable back, and folding pattern. The seat is not just designed to keep you comfortable but safe and secured with the use of the adjustable seat belt.

     Full Suspension Adjustable Seat for Tractor, Excavator, Forklift;

    Full Suspension Adjustable Seat for Tractor, Excavator, Forklift; Parts


    • Adjustable backrest
    • Foldable for saving space
    • Retractable seat belt for safety
    • It is made from top premium materials.
    • The foam easily rebound.
    • It is a universal seat that can fit any vehicle.


    • It has no significant setback.

    What to look before buying tractors seat

    It’s likely to make a wrong decision with getting the right seat for your tractor, especially when you are doing that for the first time. If you’ve got an expert to do the buying, you might not have to worry about anything, but if you are doing the purchase yourself, there are things you need to know before buying tractor seats.

    Adjustable Foot:

    Sometimes it can be quite hard or difficult to install a seat to a particular recline angle. The adjustable foot helps to easily raise or lower the seat so that you can install the correct recline angle.

    Automated Locking:

    Not all the seat comes with seat belt, and to those that come with it, an automated locking system is a factor to consider. This is a seat belt that helps to lock the seat to a particular position. You must understand this system and how it works whenever you are buying and installing a seat on your tractor.

    Best Positioning Booster Seat

    The main function of the booster seat with positioning is to position the seat belt so that it fits properly correctly. Having the seal belt in the right position is very important, which is the reason you need to consider it when getting a seat for your tractor.

    Seat Belt Syndrome:

    As you know, a seat belt’s primary function is to keep you secure in a seat. It helps restrict your movement, such as falling off the tractor when you bump into any object or get involved in an accident. So, the range of symptoms you are likely to experience as a result of your seat belt doing its work in sudden braking or accident is known as seat belt syndrome.

    Both kids and adults are advised to use both lap and shoulder belts. It offers maximum protection to the upper part of the body. It thus helps prevent injuries to the internal organs, unlike using a lap belt alone which could cause damages or injuries to the lumbar spine.

    Tractor Bed:

    The tractor bed is the place where you install your seat on the tractor. Most tractor seats come with universal mounting, so; you might not have an issue installing one on your tractor bed. But some thus require that you find one that will fit your tractor bed to avoid issues with installation.

    Chest Clip:

    The chest clip usually comes in the form of plastic or clasp. Its primary function is to help in securing the belt in the right position. It is also known as a retainer clip as it helps in retaining you to the seat.

    Emergency Locking Retractor:

    Your safety should never be compromised whenever you are on the seat. The emergency locking retractor is also a safety system of any seat. It helps to keep you safe through a secured lock whenever your tractor suddenly stops.

    Lower Anchor Attachments:

    They are the tools, cables, or anything located at the lower anchor used in place of a seat belt. So, if your seat doesn’t come with a seat belt, you can use your lower anchor attachment.

    Let See Video of Universal Tractor  Seat Review

    Important things to consider before buying

    There are important things that you need to consider before buying a seat for your tractor, and a few of them are discussed below:

    Seat belt

    The seat belt is very important for your safety. It is a part of the seat that helps to secure the controller on the seat to not fall off easily due to sudden braking or hit on any object. Not all of the seats in the market has a seat belt. So, if your safety is one of the things you don’t joke with, you need to consider a seat with a seat belt.


    Riding your tractor on rough terrain without suspension on your seat means you will get to feel lots of impact from the movement of the tractor. Such will later cause pain and cramps on your body and most especially your back.

    So, a seat with suspension is the best for you as it will help to absorb the impact you are to get from riding on rough terrain. It ensures you do not feel any form of discomfort whenever you sit on your tractor seat.

    Adjustable settings

    When getting a seat for your tractor, you need to consider the technology behind the buildup of the seat. Getting a seat with adjustable settings means you can adjust the height of the seat and angle in such a way to suit you. It gives you a wide range of platforms to stay comfortable with the seat you just purchased.

    Armrest and headrest

    The armrest and headrest are the additional part of the tractor seat that is not common to most tractor seats. The armrest plays a major role to keep you comfortable whenever you sit on the seat. It helps to reduce pressure on your arm and helps you to stay in a relaxed position.

    Also, the headrest is not common to most tractor seats, and it is essential as it helps keep your head in the right position. It helps in reducing the pressure exerted on your back muscles. It is ensuring you do not feel any pain whenever you are sitting on the seat.

    Rebound foaming system

    The form or shape of a seat can change over time due to constant use. It is a result of sitting on the seat for a longer period, which is normal to most seats. Over time, such kind of seat turns out to be uncomfortable to use. It is the reason you need to consider one with a rebound foaming system.

    With a rebound foaming system, the seat will always go back to its initial form before you sit on it. Such a seat will always keep you comfortable, and it’s never a bad bargain to invest your money in one.


    The installation of the seat is one of the things that you need to give your attention to. If you are not ready or do not intend to do the installation yourself, you might not need to worry about this. But, if you are the type that loves DIY projects and will love to install it yourself, you need to consider the means of installation.

    The installation of the seat varies. Some claimed it is hard, while some say otherwise. The most seat comes with a base with holes to easily screw and fasten with your tractor bed. So, it is up to you to align the holes together to install. Some might require that you boreholes which means you might have to make use of a drilling machine.

    Drain holes

    Sitting on a seat for a longer period might leave moisture on the seat due to sweat. So, manufacturers integrate drain holes which help to wick away moisture and ensure the seat remains dry even if you are sitting for a longer period.


    Who builds a house without calculating the cost of the house? It simply means you should understand the maintenance requirement of the seat you are about to buy before your investment. Some require little maintenance, and some require that you carry out maintenance work every day. The maintenance is important because it thus determines the life span of the seat.

    The chairs that are made of plastic material but the truth about it is that not every part of it chair is made of plastic. Some parts are made of metal such as the frame to ensure that the chair is solid to support the weight of whoever sits on it. Also, it is very easy to clean and maintain. Also, it thus comes lightweight, portable, and easy to carry.


    With lots of information out there online, getting the best tractor seat can be quite confusing. For you not to join the list of those who end up regretting their investment, we have the right information for you on this page to save you from making a wrong choice.

    There are different options on the market. Some seats are best for replacement, and you can get to see both new and used seats in the market. So, we have done the research, and we’ve been able to come up with the good and comprehensive information you need to make the right choice.

    From the lists above, you can choose the seat that meets your budget, go through the information such as the things to consider, features and many others that will help you in making the right choice.

    There are many ways you can get frustrated, and one of them is getting the wrong product. We know it can be a hard task for you to choose the best patio chair or a chair for your lawn, especially if it is your first time. We are here with a lasting solution. We have up here the lists of the best folding lawn chairs that you can consider above with some important information needed for you to make the right choice.

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