Lawn Care Schedule for All the Year Round

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Having a lawn care schedule can be pretty rewarding if your goal is to have a lush lawn. All year-round, you need to take proper care of your lawn, and this involves applying fertilizer, mowing, watering, edging, dethatching, etc. For every lawn care activity, proper timing is important. If you want your lawn care efforts to pay off, then go through this article and get the best pieces of lawn care schedule advice. This tips will help you to make a tidy plan and routine for your better lawn care.

Lawn Care Schedule In Winter:

Lawn maintenance in November

In November, you do not need to mow your lawn as often as before. When you mow your lawn, make sure you cut it high. If any leaves fall over your lawn, make sure to remove them to reduce your lawn’s susceptibility to diseases. If there is frost, avoid walking on the lawn. Conclusion this is also a great time to give your mower service as you won’t need to use it often during this time.

Lawn maintenance in December

Winter lawn care isn’t too difficult. There is nothing much to do during this time of the year. Just make sure to remove any leaves or debris that fall on your lawn to ensure healthy growth. However, when the lawn is frozen or damp, you ought to stay as far away from it as possible. During this time, frost is likely to fall coupled with snow, so you should not walk on your lawn. The goal is to have a lush lawn remember.


winter lawn care

Winter lawn care 

Lawn maintenance in January 

Winters are characterized by frost and snow. Winter frost can do your lawn a great deal of harm. When there is a frost, keep your distance from your lawn and don’t walk on it. You do not want your lawn to be damaged and become susceptible to diseases. You can do to maintain your lawn to remove any leaves or litter that fall on your grass. Leaves and debris are bad for your lawn because they block sunlight necessary for the process of photosynthesis and the growth of your lawn.

Lawn maintenance in February 

February is characterized by cold weather, so you do not have to do much to your grass. The best option you can do for your lawn during this cold month is to stay as far away from it as possible. Like in January, when a frost has hit, do not walk on your lawn as it will damage it. February is also that time when you can grab your lawn treatment product to curb any moss challenge.


Lawn Care in Spring:

Lawn maintenance work in March

March marks the beginning of spring, which entails the picking up of the weather. It is essential to take proper care of your lawn during this time. Your grass is likely to have grown quite well, and you may want to consider giving it a little trim. This encourages the growth of your lawn. When mowing your lawn, you must consider your mower’s cutting height. To avoid cutting your lawn too short, set your mower to a high cutting setting. It also helps prevent troublesome weeds from rooting in.

March is the perfect time to dethatch if thatch is a challenge. Dethatching is best done before summer, well before dry and hot weather conditions stress your lawn. It can also be done when the weather cools down in September. Note, when dethatching, make sure you do not use a rented dirty dethatcher since the dirt can spread the disease to your lawn.

Spring lawn care

Spring lawn care

Lawn maintenance in April 

In spring, there is much that you can do to maintain your lawn. Mow the grass several times now. Proper mowing is required if you want your lawn to grow well. If you do not mow your grass often enough, this can result in your lawn becoming weak and hence less capable of competing with weeds. When mowing your lawn, it is important to ensure that you use a sharp mower and cut your grass at a proper height. You should also avoid cutting your grass too short because your grass can be damaged if a frost occurs.

When a frost occurs, you also do not want to walk on your lawn to prevent damage. If you adhere to this, you will be shocked by how beautiful and healthy your lawn will be. Another essential activity you ought to do in April is to apply fertilizer to your grass. This ensures healthy growth. It is also crucial to apply fertilizer to your lawn if you treat a moss challenge. You do not want a lawn that looks bare after all.

Note: When mowing your lawn, make sure you do not cut more than a third of the leaf tissue in a single mowing. This is because mowing too low results in the opening up of the canopy. If the canopy opens up, weeds can quickly infest your lawn.

 Lawn maintenance in May 

In May, use your mower plenty of times to get a beautiful and neat lawn that can be admired in the neighborhood. This time, you can cut the grass short since a frost’s likelihood will be very low. To achieve a lush lawn, also make use of weed treatments. Furthermore, if your lawn has some bare patches, you might consider overseeding it during this time. You may also consider aerating your lawn to reduce the soil’s compactness if you find it necessary.

Lawn Care in Summer

Lawn maintenance work in June

In June, you ought to mow your grass twice a week. It is also that period of the year when you can rake your lawn to do away with weeds. To do away with weeds, you can also use various weed killers available on the market. It is also pivotal to fertilize your lawn when necessary to encourage its growth. During this summer season, grass color can fade, and if this happens, it is important to add mineral supplements.

Summer lawn care

Summer lawn care

Lawn maintenance in July

During this time, it is important to mow your lawn once or twice every week. Summer is characterized by hot and sometimes dry weather, so your lawn care schedule should include watering your lawn. Water your grass in the mornings or evenings to ensure your lawn gets enough water as there will be less evaporation during these times. You should also avoid brief watering sessions to maximize the amount of water your grass gets. You might also want to consider applying fertilizer during this time to boost the growth of your lawn. For dry and hard lawns, consider aerating them. You can use a rake or aerator to aerate your lawn and water afterward.

Lawn maintenance in August 

Continue to mow your lawn regularly, so it looks tidy. Late summers are characterized by dry weather; hence you should fertilize your lawn to ensure it gets important nutrients. It is also crucial to water the lawn, especially in the evenings or early mornings when the water has a higher chance of sinking in the lawn without evaporating. When watering your lawn when the weather is dry, make sure to avoid brief sessions as they lead to your grass developing shallow roots. Note: When you mow your lawn during late summer, make sure to avoid cutting it too short to prevent the lawn from drying out.

Lawn maintenance in Autumn

Lawn care in September

In September, continue to mow your lawn regularly and water it too. You can also add some grass seed if your lawn has bare patches caused by moss. The other activity that is worthwhile if done during the autumn is aerating your lawn. If you find out that thatch is a challenge during this time of the year, you may want to consider including dethatching in your lawn care schedule.

Lawn care in Autumn

Autumn lawn care

Lawn maintenance in October 

The growth rate of your lawn starts decreasing during this time. To ensure your lawn is in good shape, avoid cutting it short when you do your mowing. Application of fertilizer is vital during this time as it will help your lawn to withstand the coming cold winter weather.

Your lawn care schedule in October should also include getting rid of any leaves or debris that fall over your lawn. You do not want the leaves causing problems and diseases to your lawn. A blower vac can make the clearance of leaves and debris an easy chore, so you may want to consider getting it to make your lawn maintenance worthwhile. Another lawn maintenance task you may want to consider doing is aerating your lawn. However, if you have done it in September, you won’t have to do it.


Final Verdict

Overall, as you care for your lawn, don’t forget to aerate your lawn, which is one crucial lawn maintenance activity all year round. It is pretty rewarding as it reduces soil compaction, enabling the soil to receive oxygen, water, and fertilizer better. After all, if you follow the lawn care schedule above, you will be guaranteed a healthy and good-looking lawn. Whether it is fertilizing, mowing, weed removal, or watering your grass, it should be done at the right time in the right way.

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