Husqvarna LC221RH Review and Buying Guide


Husqvarna LC221RH review
  • Self-propulsion system with rear-wheel drive
  • Mulching and bagger options are available
  • Folding handle for easy storage and transportation
  • Powerful engine and optimal performance.

The Husqvarna LC221RH lawnmower has emerged as the best lawn mower in the industry. Its reviews show that it is a powerful lawnmower that is perfect for cutting long grown grass. This lawnmower has fantastic features that rank it at the top of all other Husqvarna lawnmowers. It is best used for clearing yards for sporting or your garden at home. The Husqvarna LC221RH is a compact mower. The self-propulsion method spares the user from heavy physical exhaustion.

We took the Husqvarna lawn mower out to see how well it performs than the other mowers in the market. The outcomes are quite astonishing. The swiftness we felt having this weight range is incredible. I hope this Husqvarna lc221rh review helps to conclude. 

With this lawnmower, you have the guarantee that your lawn will be beautifully made with little hustles. To rest assured, you need to read the Husqvarna LC221RH reviews provided in this article. A close look at all these features will help you understand the benefits of using this mower anywhere.

Overview of Husqvarna LC221RH:

Self-Propelled Driving system

The Husqvarna LC221RH lawnmower has a self-propelled driving system due to the substantial rear wheels with a gasoline-powered engine. The wheels allow for easy manoeuvring when cutting different sized grass and bushes. It alters the cutting heights according to the condition of the lawn.

The driving system is an important feature to allow for convenient use of the lawnmower, which on its own is heavy, weighing about 80 pounds. As a result, while mowing, all that is needed is to push with no muscles and let the mower do its work. This unique self-propelled lawnmower has controls for the speed of the rear-wheel-drive system. It can reach speeds of 3km/hr, which is adjustable to the dual-speed system’s speed of choice.

The unique part about the Husqvarna LC221RH is its self-propelled rear-wheel-drive design. Therefore, though the mower weighs about 80 pounds, it’s not much of a big deal to move it around. If you direct the mower in the right direction, it can run smoothly thanks to the self-drive mechanism.

Solid and Wide Enough Deck

This amazing lawnmower has an expansive deck of 21 inches wide enough to cut long grass, which is strong enough to cut shrubs easily. The decks are made from steel, a material that is very strong and resilient. And the deck of this lawn mower enables a large surface area to be covered quickly without running out of fuel.

Apart from deck size being impressive, its speed on cutting the lawn can be adjusted; thus, the rotations are minimized. The decks are beneficial in efficiently cutting the grass with less work. In just one rotation of the 21 inches deck, it cut the area with no need to repeat the same area. It is a powerful deck that withstands a lot of pressure in mowing different sized lawns.

The whole deck of the Husqvarna LC221RH is made of steel, common among most gas-powered mowers. Steel makes the mower rigid and durable. Therefore, it can perform for a long time, and the mower is not prone to any physical damage compared to the plastic deck mowers.

Adjust the Height as you like

The lawn mower’s cutting height can be adjusted as you like. Your lawn may be varied from tall to short. The conditions of the lawn, too, may be bad, so you need to change the cutting height with the help of the 4-point height adjustment system. The 4-point adjustment system uses 4 wheels to adjust the cutting height of the grass.

The adjustment ranges from a minimum of 0.65 inches to a maximum of 4.125 inches. This is a good range for cutting the lawn from tallest to shortest. With this, you can cut the grass to a preferable height. All the four wheels work together to adjust the cutting height without weakening the mower. It is easy to adjust the height, thus very convenient.

Flexible handlebar

This lawnmower can be adjusted to a height suitable for anyone. A small kid who can learn how to mow can cut comfortably to a preferred size. Though, it is never safe to allow a child to drive on a lawn mower. The lawnmower is thus ideal for use by everyone interested because of its flexible handlebar.

To set a comfortable handlebar height for yourself, you have to line the handlebar pins with a flat board in the handle bracket. The handle can be moved downward upward as well. These flexible handlebars come in handy for storage and transportation since they can be folded without breaking them. It is easy to transport using the handles and keeping them safe.

Discharge Options

The Husqvarna LC221RH lawn mower has a 3-in-1 cutting system for discharge options. It has good mulching capabilities, bagging, and rear discharge. It is usually an excellent mulcher, which means there will be no need to bag the grass. There is side discharge for the grass, and it is well planned for neatness.

As a result, there will be no clippings of grass left after mowing; they will all be taken care of. The discharge options involve washing the decks to keep them clean before storing them. The deck’s blades may be dirtied from the clippings of the grass, so it needs to be cleaned.


Out of the box, the Husqvarna LC221RH mower comes with a 3-year warranty.


Husqvarna LC221RH Video Review


Key Features of Husqvarna LC221RH :

Let us take a look at the key features of Husqvarna LC221RH:

  • The dimensions of the product 39x 24 x 20.25 inches
  • The manufacturer of the mower is Husqvarna.
  • The mower is powered by Honda GCV 160 engine.
  • Comes with an easy start auto choke engine
  • Heavy-duty, quiet and smooth performance
  • Rear-wheel and air-cooled engine with up to 3 mph speed
  • Tank volume is 25 gallon
  • Weighs about 80 pounds
  • Has a cut range from 1″- 4″.

Pros and Cons:


  • Self-propulsion system with rear-wheel drive
  • Both mulching and bagger options available
  • The handle is adjustable and easily foldable
  • Easy hand control for effacement cutting
  • Powerful engine for optimal performance
  • Self-wash system so very easy cleanup
  • As the wheel is not of the same size, it can easily cope with different terrains.


  • No electric start system
  • Lack of rigidity in height adjustment levers

Unique features of  Husqvarna LC221RH:

Interestingly, Husqvarna LC221RH provides us some unique features that is rare in the other mowers available in the market. These features suffice to make this lawn mower to a new height.

Built-in deck wash system:

A built-in hose port is available to spray water into the deck of the mower. You need to attach the hose to the port. Then spin the Husqvarna lc221rh blades and turn on the faucet. Then the spraying water will wash through the blades and clear all the dirt caught from the mowing.

Automatic choke system:

The Husqvarna lc221rh engine has an automatic choke system. The choke system is used as a control on a carburetor to adjust the mixture of air and fuel, usually when the engine is cold. A cold engine is hard to start, but with a choke system, it is made easier. With just two pulls, the engine will start. To allow the engine to start after a long time of rest, the automatic choke system on the Husqvarna L221RH monitors the air intake into the carburetor.

By regulating air intake, it enables the mower to work under all conditions, cold or warm. The control for the choke system is on the lever of the mower. This allows for the right amount of air to be taken in when cold or warm. It is set up to make changes to the air and fuel automatically. The engine is warmed up at the first pull, and the second pull gets the engine started. The choke thus allows for easy ignition and turn off of the mower.

Helpful fuel cut-off valve:

In case the engine of your mower becomes contaminated like the engine has been flooded, or any other problem arises regarding fueling. Then you can shut the fuel valve to save your engine from the pressure and contamination.

Our verdict:

Having some minor weaknesses, this mower is by far unique and handy. As far as usability and performance go, it is one of the best lawn mower available in this category. We have similar lawn mower buying guidelines recommended for more info.

If you have a lawn of 3 /4 acres you can easily make the best out of it. The quiet nature of the mower is also a great choice for working silently at home. There is No need to worry about often refuelling the machine as it has a large 36-ounce fuel tank.


What to know about the  Husqvarna LC221RH

The Capacity of the Engine 

This is a heavy-duty Honda engine, has an excellent performance. The mower is powerful enough to come with a 160 cc Honda GCV engine compared to other self-propelled lawnmowers. This engine has a power of 4 hP. The rear-wheel operation secures high-performance and less stress. That’s where the Husqvarna push mower comes in handy. Because the 36 oz tank is enough for regular purposes.

Steel Built-in Safety Deck 

Husqvarna LC221RH comes with a 21″ wide deck. The deck is made of 15 gauge steel, which gives it a rugged look. Blades underneath the deck are safety protected fully to avoid any unwanted incidents. 

Heavy performance-tested:

Most of the specifications given in the descriptions are the outcome of the lab test. But how well can it do in rough conditions?

We let our grass grow for about 5 weeks to grow excessive height and thickness. Then we set the cut height to 2.5 inches and set the speed to 2.5 miles per hour. After starting to walk through the lawn, with the hurdles it had to overcome, the engine stopped at covering 28.5′, which is an excellent result. The result is far better than normal commercial lawn mowers.

Cutting area:

Are you worried about having a large lawn? Because this Husqvarna push mower provides a huge 21” clearance at a time when you are going at a speed of 2.5 miles per hour. The long mower blade radius of the Husqvarna mower covers up the wide areas before the fuel runs out. However, that cannot be compared with the precision of Husqvarna zero-turn mowers.

Fuel Efficiency engine:



Lawn mower engine is the most significant part of the machine. As a lawn mower owner, the first thing you should realize after buying the mower is to pay up the Engine fuel fees. That your wallet may be getting lighter if the engine consumes much fuel. For fuel efficiency, Husqvarvarna LC221RH is an excellent Honda GCV 160cc engine. It is a heavy-duty engine that is easy to start. It uses a minimum amount of fuel to get the mowing done for large areas of land. The Honda GCV engine has been proved to be very efficient world wide.

It passed the test for the amount of fuel needed for at least two acres of land. It performs well for long periods. The lawnmower can cut tall grass efficiently because of its engine power. Its runtime is 90 minutes for just 1 liter of fuel. In these minutes you can mow your home yard perfectly and sport field for games without hindrances. In addition, walking at 2.5 miles per hour on a straight line, you can get 13.3 miles per gallon. That’s how great the efficiency of Husqvarna LC221RH is.

Almost noise-free service:

This model is a noise-free Husqvarna mower in the industry. For those in neighborhoods that condemn noise making of any sort, using this lawn mower is an excellent way for an individual to keep the peace. It is the quietest of them all this is excellent and can be used at any time of the day without others’ complaints.

Since its noise levels were upgraded to a friendly tone, many are scrambling for it. The noise outcome of the Husqvarna LC221RH is only 89 dB. It is reasonably quieter than most battery-powered models.  A lawnmower that is almost noise-free when in use is the right choice for both elders and children. With this excellent lawnmower, you get all the benefits.


Husqvarna LC221RH review

Why should you buy Husqvarna LC221RH ?

Sleek design and durability:

The rear-wheel-drive design with a heavy performing engine and the self-propelling system gives it a unique look. 15-gauge steel deck material defends it against strong obstacles, and the firm levers give it strong withholds.

High performance:

The mechanical stability coming with 11-inch diameter rear wheels and perfect weight distribution Husqvarna LC221RH performs efficiently as results have shown us.

Powerful cutting ability:

We’ve seen that cutting power can vary from maintenance speed and no-load speed. But Husqvarna LC221RH does not differ much in these cases. The immense grinding power can clock up to 3021 RPM, which shows the blades’ speed as 188 MPH.


Maintaining the Husqvarna LC221RH can be difficult in some cases. So, when you first try to start by pulling, you’ll notice that the choke and throttle are not quite getting along. You better watch out for the throttle cable. It often gets compressed by the adjustable handle.

The unpainted steel on the deck can get rusty over time and can become prone to debris. According to the Husqvarna LC221RH manual, the self-propulsion belt needs to be handled gently or become slippery.

Safety Features:

Special hand controls are provided just in case when the mower is released to disengage them.  Besides, this whole unit is designed for keeping safety precautions in mind.


Normally the price of Husqvarna LC221RH mower is $409.95, but online shops offer it around $380.  To get a more powerful engine, you can go higher than the price and tweak and set your own cards but in this price range, with a large mowing deck and real wheel control is quite a bargain.


Safety Guidelines You Should Follow

Safety gloves

The lawnmower can only work with the operator pressing the propeller. With this design, you should wear a safety glove in your hand to help you prevent blisters, soreness, or pain on your hand. Using a lawnmower for its kind of a more extended period can cause such on your hand, and that is the reason you should consider using a safety glove.

Safety boot

The next you should consider with your safety is the safety boot. Some objects might be on the lawn or garden that can harm you, of which you don’t know. So, wearing a safety boot will help to keep your feet secured and ensured you don’t have a direct impact on the ground.

Keep your hand off the blade.

The deck of the lawnmower needs regular maintenance, and you might have to do lots of cleaning to keep it clean. While doing this, you need to be careful with your hand placement so that you don’t end up getting cut or injured by the sharp blade. Also, if by any means you have to do anything on the blade, such as resharpening it, then you should be careful with it.

Final Verdict

After carefully looking at all reviews about the Husqvarna LC221RH lawn mower, buying it is undoubtedly the best choice ever. The robust, heavy-duty Husqvarna LC221RH lawn mower is the best in-store as it gives out excellent results with little effort, and the prices are affordable. If you are looking to upgrade, this lawnmower is the choice. With its excellent cutting quality, a fuel-saving engine with a long run time, and automatic choke system, you are sure to have no troubles using it.

In terms of reliability, Husqvarna LC221RH is a proven lawn mower for your garden and yards. With the powerful Honda engine and torque, which is surprisingly cost-saving, it assures the best value for the money after the commercial ones.

You can easily have the best outcome with options to adjust the cutting height and a wide range of Husqvarna LC221RH parts. Though there are some drawbacks such as no electric self-start or comparably less rigid levers, it surely has its own usability. We believe these Husqvarna LC221RH reviews help you choose the best lawn mower out there suitable for you.


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