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Powered Grip is an online product review platform with a depth explanation of product buying guidelines and tips. We’re a team of experts purpose-driven to bring your business to the limelight. We help you get the right information and make wise purchase decisions. We share tips and tricks; we researched and then researched some more until we could find which Product was best for our individual needs. It’s not easy choosing the right Product when you have absolutely no idea what to look for. So with our help through this website, we plan to give you a much smoother and easier buying experience.

Our mission is to provide the latest product information; we spent time on product research, practically judge the Product and write detailed product guidelines and buyer information as the consumer can easily buy a research-based quality product.


How We Review Products

Product Research: We invest a definite time and efforts in product research; analyzing the Product’s pros and cons in respect to provide a genuine massage to the valued consumers. Identifying the product issues, consistency then finalizes the products.

Identify Product: Before selecting the products that have to pass our “quality product phase,” We identify the Product on the basis of product quality and consistency. We compared the product costs and quality; find the alternatives and related products. Above all, we try to figure out customer benefits and satisfaction.

Clarity of Product Features:  Product features approach the right functions and capabilities; that’s an actual description of product technical constructions. We add values in terms of strong features. We disclose the important product features and their benefits very clearly.

Analyze Customer Review:  We manually analyze the thousands of recent product reviews, tweets, and comments on several sites. Try to come in deep touch with the customer’s real feelings, sentiments, and satisfaction.

Actual Buying Guides:  We have pretty clear-cut and practical buying guidelines; we don’t believe in exaggerations. We can realize the consumer’s feelings. We provide actual and honest information. We review researched and reliable products.


How Our Guides Help You

We don’t believe in any short–cut way. Each of our reviews has a Buyer Guide, specifically designed to help you understand more about what you’re buying, how to use it, and even the History of the Product! We will provide you versatile, informative guidelines that help you to take the actual management at the right time. Our guidelines are fully researched and elaborated. It’s not like that we’ve some idea that shares with you. In a specific topic, we criticize the ins and outs.

We get a long-term study from any of the topics we review, then we take suggestions from our team on the basis of field study and market research. Our expert team revise these prescribe suggestions. After a long discussion of our experts, we take the final Essay for the topic we review. Our Guides walk you through how to use, manage, and repair your service or products. We have to steer clear of basic guidelines and A to Z description of Product.


Who We Are

We are some of the tool experts, a passionate lover of tools and machinery. We review the power tools in an excellent way. If you are looking for a genuine and honest review of tools, we are right here to save your time and make you sure to find the right Product. We will exhibit you a tricky and quick way to identify the best Product you want.

Things are changing day by day. The marketing system and policy are the same too. We can see lots of biased reviews on many topics. People are striving for authentic information. They want to know the merits and demerits of necessary goods. You may wonder what the best possible Product is for something you need or want. For this sense of humor, our team is here to help you to validate your buying decision.


You want to buy a product; you don’t have sufficient information on that. You are asking your friends and family for dependable advice. They may give you advice, and this advice might be right or wrong. We are a team here those who are doing long-term research on each specific topic.


We don’t believe in the short-cut process. We analyze the product features and functions manually. We do thousands of studies directly on customer reviews. We keep in deep touch with what are the pros and cons of Product. Then we do an honest review for our valued customers. We think this researched-based review will help you to make your buying decision best.


Writing Team

We have a strong and expert writing team, those who are experienced in writing different newspapers, and writing agencies. They are enthusiastic, honest and dedicated in their job. They try their best to give the audience accurate information.

<a href="https://poweredgrip.com/author/taslimpgp/" target="_self">Kazi Taslim</a>

Kazi Taslim


He is an Enthusiast, Blogger and Writer. His writing hand is outstretched. He started writing with great interest in school life. And Then, he wrote various cultural and social awareness articles in local newspapers. He then extensively wrote regular columns and researched articles in weekly and national dailies.

Kazi Taslim is the Author & Editor of our experienced writing team.

He was the assistant editor of the weekly Samakal Digest. He was a member of the editorial board of The Morning Call, Today’s Deal. During this time, he has written and edited a wide range of research articles. He then got involved in blogging. He has published hundreds of articles on product analysis, research, and review in various blogs. He has extensive research in Gardening, Tools, Machinery, and Outdoor. He is currently writing and editing various articles on gardening, tools, and machinery.

He holds an M.A. degree in English Language & Literature. Studying English literature has enriched the basis of his writing. While studying literature, he was inspired by the company of various talented teachers, writers, and Literary. His experience working with a team of skilled experts was the perfect place to refine his writing and shine his editing skills in professional editing.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/taslim21st/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/organ21st


Editorial Policies

Powered Grip is strictly committed to providing the best and unbiased product reviews and buying guides. We reviewed a product, not in the marketing sense; our strong writing team thoroughly checked each article. We reject every word of biased and unethical publications. Our main aim is to build trustworthiness and authority in the Industry.

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