How Often to Mow Lawn: Guide to Avoid Mowing Mistakes

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It is said sweet comes from sweat. The same goes for achieving a good lawn. You do not just wake up one day and see a beautiful lawn in your yard. You need to maintain your lawn if you want it to be healthy and beautiful. Mowing grass is a must-do if you’re going to achieve a neat, lush lawn. So if you were wondering how often to mow lawn, this post is for you.

There are several factors that determine how often you ought to mow the grass. These include the type of grass, the season, height, look you want to achieve, etc. Just like fertilizing and watering, watering, if done properly and timed well, can be pretty rewarding. So go through this post to get some tips on how often to mow lawn.

It’s all about timing.

warm-season grasses grow rapidly, and this time is ideal for mowing the grass more frequently than during the cold winter months when the grass grows dormant. During spring and summer, your cool-season grasses are growing rapidly, and it’s the ideal time to mow regularly.


You ought to cut the grass once or twice a week for conventional lawns during summer. However, this depends on the type of lawn you have. For your flower-rich lawns, the ideal time to cut them is every four to six weeks. If your lawn falls under the category of long-grassed lawns, then you are recommended to cut it once or twice during this warm season. With this being said, it is good that you know the type of lawn you have to know the frequency of mowing that applies to it.

Spring and autumn:

The recommended frequency of mowing conventional grasses in spring and autumn is once a week. This time is not ideal for cutting long-grassed lawns and flower-rich lawns. However, thère are cases when growth can be rapid. In such cases, you can mow the lawn more frequently. However, make sure when you cut your lawn, you do not cut more than a third of it in one go as this can damage it. Prevention is better than cure. You do not want to deal with problems that could be avoided.

Spring-Autumn Lawn

Autumn Lawn


Winter is characterized by bad weather conditions that can stress your lawn. Cold and dry spells are likely to reduce the growth rate of your lawn. Most grasses enter dormancy during this cold season. To make matters worse, frosts are likely to fall, coupled with snow that negatively affects the growth of your grass. Winter is not a good time to mow your grass unless temperatures are mild and the lawn is growing. Knowledge of your lawn variety is also key to know how often to mow your lawn during this time of the year.

Note -Avoid mowing on days that a frost has fallen or when the lawn is wet to avoid damaging it.

During the growing season:

In this time, you will see the rapid growth of your lawn. This is because temperatures will be warm, and moisture will be plentiful, encouraging growth. In this season, cutting your grass once to twice a week will ensure you have a beautiful, healthy lawn. It will ensure that your lawn isn’t wildly overgrown, making the job a cushy one.


Consider the Area where the Grass planted

The location of the grass is a major determinant of how often to mow lawn. Consider a lawn that is in full sun, with plenty of moisture available, and one which is in a shady area, with less moisture available. There’s one that would require the most frequent mowing while other areas don’t. And the one in full sun, where there is plenty of moisture, will require more frequent mowing. This is so because a warm environment with plenty of moisture encourages rapid growth.

A lawn that grows rapidly should be cut more often so that it does not become wildly overgrown. A wildly overgrown lawn is pretty unsightly and makes your landscape look deserted. Furthermore, you need to mow your lawn more often if your grass’s growth rate is at a peak. Another determining factor of how often you ought to mow a lawn is the desired height of lawn and look you want to achieve.


Cut lawn grass to an ideal height:

Your lawn can grow tall at times, and the best thing you can do is cut it short. However, it would be best if you did this with care, as cutting it too short at once can cause problems. The recommended height to keep your lawn at is about 1/2 to 3 inches. However, that will depend on the species of your grass. When your grass is tall, it is essential to mow it more often, skipping days to make sure the cutting does not stress your grass.

However, if you leave your grass for too long before cutting it, mowing it will be a chore and will take more time. Thatch can also become a problem and can hinder the growth of your grass. Some lawns grow pretty fast, while others are slow growers, which also determines how often to mow the lawn. The basic rule for cutting the lawn is that don’t cut it too short. When your lawn is overgrown, cutting it too short may seem like the best thing to do.

However, it is not recommended, as it stresses your grass and damages it. If the grass is cut too short, it is likely to grow fewer roots, and it won’t compete with weeds. As a rule of thumb, never cut more than one-third of your grass at one time. If there is a need to mow your lawn more frequently, make sure you do it in such a way that you do not cut more than a third of your lawn.


The right method of mowing your grass:

Method of Lawn Mowing

Method of Lawn Mowing

Although mowing is pretty comfortable, if you cut your grass too low or too high, problems can arise. Below I share with you pretty impressive tips to get the perfect height when mowing your lawn.

  • In spring, set the cutting height to a high setting for the first mowing. You can then reduce the cutting height gradually until your grass reaches a height that you are happy with. If your grass is in the category of fine lawns, 1/4-1/2 inch height is recommended. If you have an ordinary ornamental lawn, the recommended height is up to 1 1/2 inches. In summer, the recommended lawn height is 1/2 to 1 inch for ordinary ornamental lawns.
  • Although excessive mowing can be fascinating at times, it can do more harm than good to your lawn. Leaving your grass too short can weaken the grass, cause roots to be shallow, and leave your grass susceptible to weeds and diseases.
  • If you cut your lawn too high, regularly, your lawn can suffer from weak growth that can not be great as a surface. It is essential to know your lawn type, its recommended height, and how often to mow the lawn.


Lawn mowing habits to avoid:

Avoid mowing your grass too often

Mowing your lawn can be an enjoyable chore; however, it can weaken your lawn and make it more susceptible to diseases if it is overdone. When mowing your lawn, make sure you mow it often enough not to cut more than a third of the grass. If you follow that, you will achieve a healthy, lush lawn.

Don’t rush to mow:

With a tight schedule, you may feel the need to rush through cutting your grass. This, however, is not good as it can leave clippings on your lawn, making your yard an eyesore. Furthermore, if you rush through lawn mowing, you are likely to leave your lawn looking uneven.

Avoid cutting wet grass

When your grass is wet, the last thing you should do is cut it. Cutting wet grass can cause serious lawn problems like disease infestations. Wet grass tends to be slippery, and mowing; it can be dangerous.

Alternate your lawn mowing pattern

If you want an attractive looking lawn, you have to alternate how you cut your grass. This is important since blades of your grass tend to grow towards the direction in which they are cut. By not mowing the same way always, your blades will thrive in an upright position, which is a good thing.


Final Word

If you’ve grown up in an apartment and wondered how often to mow lawn, simply refer to the post for guidance. Don’t wait until you no longer see the cat through your grass. Mowing is a crucial regime that ensures your lawn grows into a healthy, green carpet. Therefore it is essential to maintain it through the mowing process so that it won’t be harmed. If mowing is done correctly, your lawn will be the best and attractive at the proper time.

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