Easy Start Lawn Mower For Your Lawn

by | Feb 21, 2021

Easy start lawn mower

Lawn mowing is a piece of cake, and anybody can execute the task like a pro. Apart from going back and forth pushing the mower, all you need to do is get it running. Easy peezy, they say; unfortunately, these statements, likely coming from a seasoned mower, are misleading. Why is that? The thing is, there is a possibility that most of us would fail or struggle to get a mower up running depending on the type or make.

The mower’s type or make has a great significance in deciding how easy it is to get it going. So if you are wondering or looking to purchase an easy start lawn mower, this article will guide you as I analyze the matter and provide the much-needed answer. I will take you through the following types of lawn mower which are available on the market.

Robotic Mowers

These are currently hot on the market and offer excellent convenience when you have to start them on. Robotic mowers are autonomous so that to get them on, all you have to do is to program them via the control panel. This part is relatively straightforward, using simple language terms so that anybody could do the programming. This programming allows you to schedule when the mower turns itself on for mowing. Yes, just like in those sci-fi movies you binge on.

Some also come equipped with GPS and wifi control features so that you could start the mower via a mobile phone app. How cool is that? A Li-ion rechargeable battery housed within the mower’s frame powers a high torque electric motor. This, coupled with high-tech circuit boards, is the secret behind the easy starts you get to enjoy. The only time you could expect challenging starts is when the battery becomes flat.

However, you will be delighted to know that the robot mower is programmed to notify you once this powerhouse becomes low. During this time, it goes into auto-shutdown of cutting blade power to conserve power above critical levels. More so, some frequent difficult starts may be a tall telling sign of a malfunctioned battery—the only way to solve this by getting the same specific battery model, usually from the market. Again, do not deviate from getting a battery of specified ratings.

Robotic Mower

Robotic Mower

Corded Electrical Powered Lawn Mowers

Electrical powered lawn mowers use mains AC supplied via a long cable. It is quite simple, making them one of the easiest to start without any combustion process to worry about. All you have got to do is plug in the cable to the mains socket and proceed to switch on mains AC. The next step is pressing an on off button on the mower, and voila, you got yourself a running machine.

corded electric start lawn mower

Corded Electric Start Lawn Mower

The only challenge that might arise concerning starting these kinds of mowers is the presence of an electrical fault. Another cause of this could damaged power cable or some short circuitry. In addition to this, the length of the power cord has a bearing effect on how easily the mower starts. As the power outlet source’s distance gets longer at about 50 feet, a marked voltage drop would affect. Beyond a distance of 100 feet, it would then prove challenging to get it started.

Gasoline-powered Mower With Recoil Pull Starts

For this type, you first have to prime the carburetor by pushing the prime button or bulb about four times. For successful starts, you are encouraged to be on the lookout to prevent flooding the engine. In models without this feature, you get to skip this step. Next comes the throttle valve opening; it is best to set it between the mid-to-high positions. Any less you would find the engine difficult to start it, or you would have it suddenly dying after a false start.

In comes the dreaded cranking or pulling of the cord. This is the greatest challenging part of starting a gas mower. Under normal circumstances, especially when the mower is new, you can be expected to pull the cord thrice as much to start the mower. Otherwise, you could find yourself pulling your heart out with the engine remaining silent as the night. When it starts, there is no guarantee that it would keep going, mostly if choke throttle adjustments are not made.

Gasoline-Powered Walk Behind With Electric Assist

These are hard to start, especially in cold weather. However, an electric ignition system’s integration makes this type of mower easier to start than the pull start model. You can start the mower by plugging in a short extension cord into the power socket and switching it on.This is followed by turning the mower into an ignition position.

Depending on the model, you could use a choke or prime the mower with 2 to 3 pushes to prime the bulb. The last part is pressing the ignition button. This sends an electric current leading to the formation of the fuel igniting spark in the combustion chamber. You should have the two four-stroke cycle running then and get on with the mowing business.

Reel Lawn Mowers

With push reel mowers, you ultimately do away with any stress that comes with mower starting. Here simply pushing the mower sets up the blades to spin around, thus cutting the grass. That is right; there are no pulling starter cords or priming the engine for you to start mowing. A set of gears that give mechanical advantage to this machine form the heart that eases the starting. Just remember to grease or oil the moving parts here and there to reduce friction, which creates extra effort for the gears. Thus reel mowers deserve to be dubbed easy start lawn mowers.

Gasoline-Powered Riding Mower

If you are on the hunt for the most effortless start gasoline-powered riding lawn mower to add to your garage, then this is the one to get. This type comes with rechargeable lead-acid or gel batteries, which delivers the current for that initiation spark in the combustion chamber. To get one going, turn choke or prime thrice as much. Depress the brake pedal and simply turn the ignition key. The turning off of the choke once the engine starts to run makes sure false starts are avoided.

Gas-powered mowers

To start these, you have to go through a whole different process. Unlike the predecessor, which requires programming, you must put a bit more effort to get them running. Starting can be a challenge, especially during cold weather. There are three types of gas-powered mowers based on their staring mechanisms.

Battery Powered Electric lawn mowers

As the name says, they are powered by a rechargeable battery. Usually, li-ion but acid-lead types are also available. The starting process is easy due to the simplicity of the process. You can start a battery-powered lawn mower by simply pressing pushing the power on off button. That is it, no effort, no sweat.

Conditions That Prevent Mowers From Having Easy Starts And Troubleshoot

Conditions such as fuel age, oil presence, and the effort you put in pulling the cord determine whether the gasoline mower starts. Additionally, a throttle stuck in the position can cause flooding in the carburetor when pulling the cord. Under such circumstances, your gas mower would not start despite numerous attempts. What is needed is to let the fuel dry out of the carburetor.

In a situation in which gasoline in the tank becomes old after the mower sat untouched for an extended period, empty the tank and replace it with new fuel. This is because the old fuel would have mixed with moisture while the mower was idle, thus explaining the difficult starts. Furthermore, once the mower’s air filter gets clogged, difficult starts are not surprising. You would have to remove the filter, usually located in the carburetor.

The filter material is fragile, so cleaning it using compressed air is best because it prevents damages. In the worst scenario, to have an easy start lawn mower calls for getting a new air filter. Difficult starts may also be related to the problematic spark plug. The only way to find out is to remove it from the mower and inspect the two terminals’ gap.

Sometimes dirt or oil stuck between the gap prevents spark formation; thus, you would have to clean the gap. An old toothbrush or some sandpaper do the trick. Replace the spark plug and attempt another restart. If this does not work, then consider getting new spark plugs. Thus proper maintenance work all guard against those difficult starts which are stressful.

Final verdict

Overall, reel lawn mowers get the first prize when it comes to the ease with which to start them, requiring a simple push. However, their loss of popularity makes them a none starter when choosing what to buy. This is having being said, if you are looking for modern mowers that are easy to start, then consider getting those with rechargeable batteries or with electric power cables, excluding gasoline ones.

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Kazi Taslim


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