Things You Should Never Do to Your Lawn Mower

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A lawnmower is a convenient machine that helps to keep the garden neat and tidy all year round. It is a significant investment that gets the job done. To keep it running smoothly, there are some things you should never do to your lawn mower, including misusing and neglect to maintain it.

So in this article, I’ll focus on some of the things you should avoid doing to your mower so that it won’t give you any troubles whenever you use it. Moreover, I’ll also highlight some tips on proper care and maintain the mower so that it survives for many years without replacing it.

6 Lawnmower Safety Tips

Even though a lawnmower is a powerful piece of machinery that is sturdy and durable, you still have to treat it well. It’s pivotal to save you from spending large amounts of money for repairs or buying a new mower. Here are things you shouldn’t do to your lawnmower.

Do not neglect the air filter

The air filter collects and prevents dirt from getting into the engine through the carburetor. If the air filters get neglected, the dust will accumulate. In turn, that will prevent oxygen from getting into the engine and causing the mower to overheat. Depending on the model of a lawnmower, you must replace or clean the air filters.

Do not mow anything that is not grass.

Lawnmowers’ purpose is to mow grass only. There are called ‘lawnmowers’ for that particular reason. Only use it to mow grass or weeds growing with the lawn. Do not use it to mow over twigs, fallen tree branches or tree stumps because it will immensely damage the mowers deck, spindles, blades, and crankshaft.

Don’t use it for any non-cutting job.

You shouldn’t use the mower to re-spool rope or barbed wire. Not only will that damage the mower undercarriage and blades, but it will affect the mowers’ overall performance.

Don’t use it to mow wet grass.

Under no circumstance should you use your mower to mow wet grass? Wet grass is slick; therefore, moist clipping will stick to the mower and cause it to clog.


Never leave old fuel in the lawnmower tank.

Don’t leave fuel that has ethanol in the tank if you are not going to use the mower for 2-weeks. Fuel internally destroys the carburetor and other elements.

It is always advisable that if you’re not going to use the mower for 90days or more, you should either use up all the fuel or drain it. Even when you use it or remove it, small amounts will remain. You should add a fuel stabilizer in the tank so that the mower won’t refuse to start the next time you use it.


Briggs & Stratton Fuel Tank; image

Briggs & Stratton Fuel Tank

Never leave the battery connected.

Always disconnect the battery if you are not using the mower regularly. Even when the mower is turned off, the mower can still drain off power from the battery. To preserve the overall battery life, you must disconnect the battery.

Cutting wet grass with an electric mower

Cutting wet grass with an electric mower is very hazardous, mainly using one that has an extension cord. You can get electrocuted if the wire gets exposed to moisture. Moreover, wet grass is generally slippery, while mowing one might slip and hurt them. Here are the reasons why you shouldn’t cut wet grass with an electric lawnmower;

  • The inlets of the lawnmowers collection box will get jammed and clogged by damp grass clippings.
  • Wet grass will cause grass clumps to build-up in the electric mower blocking the airflow and the blade. It will also subsequently cause blockage and force the mower motor to overwork until it breaks down.
  • Tall wet grass exerts strain, which will cause the electric mower motor to overheat and smoke.
  • If you didn’t remove wet grass, moisture would collect in the mower causing internal parts of the mower to rust. And the rust will cause extensive damage and causing the mower to break down eventually.

3 Tips for Lawnmower maintenance and care

To keep your lawnmower working and performing optimally, you have to maintain and cared for it.

Clean under the deck

Always clean under the deck after every mowing session. You can use the broom to remove the grass. If it is stuck, you can simply use a gloved hand. Additionally, to thoroughly clean, use a wire brush, soap, and water to remove all the leftover dirt and grass.


lawn mower deck

Lawn mower deck

Clean or replace the air filter

If a mower uses a paper filter, you should replace it annually. As for mowers that use foam filters, you have to clean it once or twice after every mowing session

Regularly check and change the oil.

Check at least once or twice the oil levels after every mowing session. The oil level should be full or mid-level. If it is below that, you should fill up. Oil should be golden-brown; if it is thick, black, and chunky, you have to change it. Also, check the manufacturer’s manual on how to change the oil. And service the lawnmower as indicated by the manufacturer.

Regularly clean and sharpen the blades. Then if you don’t use your mower for a long time, make sure you empty the gas tank and add a fuel stabilizer. Also, remove the battery and spark plug and store the mower in a cool, dry covered place.

Cost to repair lawn mower

Even with proper care and maintenance, lawnmowers are just like any other machine that can breakdown. It can be frustrating when your mower breaks down as you have to calculate between the price of repairing compared to buying a new lawnmower. Lawnmower repair is a great choice, especially if the damage is not extensive. Repairing saves you time and money, plus you get to keep your favorite mower.

The cost to repair lawn mower depending on how it has been damaged. And the price differs according to the type of mower and replacement parts required. Large riding mowers and robotic mowers cost more compared to small push mowers. To get your mower properly repaired, consult a professional who will be able to identify the problem and fix it permanently. Or simply buy a mower with an extended warranty.


After going through these things you should never do to your lawn mower, you will be able to keep your lawn well maintained. With proper care and lawn mower maintenance, the mower will survive for many years without requiring repairs or replacement.

Simply follow the tips highlighted above so that your lawnmower life span will become extended. I hope this article will help you to take care and maintain your lawnmower so that you don’t use more money, buying another mower, or frequently repairing it.

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