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by | Mar 15, 2021

How does a mulching blade work

Rather than throwing away grass debris, you can use a mulching blade to add nutrients to your grass. With a mulching blade, mulching can be a walk in the park and effective. Extensive grass clippings on your lawn can be pretty unsightly and can hinder your lawn’s growth.

Thankfully, the mulching blade is designed to cut grass clippings several times, thereby reducing their size and letting finer clippings land on the grass. This great tool doesn’t only reduce grass clippings but also bags and discharges them. In this article, I show you how does a mulching blade work so you get to know how you can benefit from this tool as a gardener.

What is a mulching blade?

A mulching blade is an essential tool that works on a lawnmower to cut the large-sized grass clippings to a smaller size before they can land on your grass. There are two types of mulching blades, namely the conventional style and angled top style. The mulching blade comes in a curved shape. This shape is essential as it helps the mulching blade perform its primary function of cutting grass clippings. Mulching blades are made of steel and are found beneath the deck of the mower.

Types of lawn mower where you can find the mulching blade

There are two basic types of lawn mowers where you can find the mulching blade, namely, the push mower and riding mower. Below I discuss the two types of mowers.

1. Push mower

Push mowers are a great choice if your landscape is small in size. There are two basic types of push mowers, namely, manual and automatic. The manual and automatic push mowers are different in how they operate. In an automatic push mower, you won’t need to operate the mower for it to move forward. Forward movement will just happen automatically. On the other hand, a manual push mower depends on you as the operator to move forward.

2. Riding mower

Unlike a push mower, a riding mower is suitable if your landscape is enormous. This type of lawnmower is faster as compared to push mowers. Riding lawn mower works great in terms of power and speed. Because of their huge size, riding mowers are ideal as they also cover a large area. However, its downside is that it is costly.

Note: Between the push mower and riding mower, no type of mower can be regarded as better than the other. Your choice of mower should depend on the size of the area to be mowed, cost, e.t.c.

Good Aspect of using a mulching blade

1. It fertilizes the soil naturally

Feeding the soil naturally comes with many benefits, one of them being that it is environmentally friendly. More so, natural fertilization is cheap and is an excellent option if you don’t want to strain your budget. When grass clippings are cut down to a smaller size and dropped down on the ground, minerals like phosphorus and nitrogen are deposited into the soil. This will enrich the soil naturally, and your lawn will grow into a healthy carpet.

2. Makes the grass look beautiful

If extensive grass clippings are left on the lawn without being cut further, this can make your landscape an eyesore. Extensive grass clippings are not suitable for your lawn. They can pave the way for lawn disease infestation and destroy your lawn. A mulching blade is crucial as it cuts the extensive grass clippings to a size that’s good for your lawn and then spread them over your grass. Small-sized lawn clippings on your lawn can enrich your soil and make your yard’s overall appearance beautiful.

3. Environmentally-friendly option

Using a mulching blade for your lawn’s natural fertilization is the way to go because it’s environmentally-friendly. With the mulching blade, you won’t need fertilizers with chemicals that can harm the environment. More so, using the mulching blade for your lawn comes in handy if you don’t want to use chemical means of enriching the soil that can harm your pets or children.

Downside of Using it

Although using the mulching blade comes with several advantages, there are also disadvantages of using this tool. The mulching blade does not work well if your grass is too long. If the grass is overgrown, clippings are likely to clog the deck. Having said this, always make sure to cut your grass regularly so that the grass is always short enough for the mulching blade to work effectively. The other challenge of the mulching blade is that it doesn’t discharge the clippings well.

How does the mulching blade work?

Perhaps, you’re considering using a mulching blade for your lawn maintenance work. You probably may be curious about how the mulching blade works. This tool comes in handy when it comes to bagging, discharging, and mulching clippings removed when you cut your lawn.

The mulching blade cuts grass clippings, reducing their size in the process. The grass clippings are taken into the deck, where they are further reduced in size. This will create a vacuum, which causes the small clippings to move downwards and eventually come out.

Tips for best use of a mulching blade

Make sure the height of the grass is correct.

In order to have a great experience with a mulching blade, there are things to keep in mind. It’s important always to check the height of your grass. If your grass is too short and you use your mulching blade, you’re likely to damage your grass. If it’s too long, the mulching blade won’t work as expected. With this in mind, cut your grass, making sure it’s 1/3 of the height of grass you want.

Clean the deck every time you cut grass

Grass clippings are likely to pave their way onto the underside of the deck when you’re using a mulching blade. A deck clogged with debris will cause the mulching blade not to work as expected. Therefore, it’s essential to remove these clippings and debris by cleaning the deck thoroughly whenever you use a mower with a mulching blade. Clogging of the deck usually happens if dealing with an overgrown lawn.

Scenarios when using a mulching blade come in handy

When dealing with overgrown grass

Overgrown grass can be challenging to handle. When you mow overgrown grass, the process of bagging and throwing clippings away can be a pain in the neck. In this scenario, it’s wise for you to use a mulching blade to recycle the clippings.

If you want to replenish soil naturally.

Using a mulching blade is a cool way of enriching your soil naturally. Rather than using chemical fertilizers that are harmful to animals, children, and the environment, mulching can enhance the soil. A mulching blade is a must-have tool for any gardener who wants to achieve a healthy lawn.

If you want to utilize the 3-in-1 feature of the mulching blade

If you want to bag, chop and mulch grass clippings, a mulching blade is a real deal. This tool works efficiently at these 3 tasks and can make lawn maintenance work rewarding. This is a multi-purpose tool you might want to consider buying if you wish your gardening work to be comfortable and effective.

Final verdict

A mulching blade is an ideal tool for mulching that can make lawn maintenance work restful and rewarding. This tool is truly excellent for mowing grass as it cuts grass clippings into smaller and more delicate pieces that are great for the soil. This tool is pretty easy to use and works quite satisfactorily.

If throwing away grass clippings when you cut your lawn is too much of a chore to you, a mulching blade can be a great choice of tool to use. This tool even comes in handy if you want an environmentally friendly way of fertilizing the soil. Achieving a healthy, lush lawn is achievable with this great tool.

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