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It is pivotal to take extra care for a lawnmower, especially during the peak mowing season other than other times. Thus because frequent usage of the mower increases the likelihood of breakdowns, even if it’s a high-quality riding mower, it can not perform well if you do not know how to care for it well. In this lesson, I will discuss everything how to care for your lawn mower during peak mowing season

If you take proper care of your mower, it will not only help you cut unnecessary costs. However, it will also maintain the health and beauty of the lawns you mow. In this article, I’m going to help you avoid needless hassles associated with poor lawnmower maintenance. And you’ll get assured that it runs smoothly during the peak mowing season.

How to Care for Lawn Mower?

Caring for a riding mower is not a difficult task. There are several vital elements that you need to master. Those will help you keep your mower in excellent working conditions for many years. Here are the key factors to consider.

Check and Change Oil Regularly

The oil change process is messy and smelly, but it is essential. If it is not changed, it will lead to poor engine performance or destroy the lawnmower. During a typical peak mowing season, the oil should get changed after 50 to 60 hours of service. When determining the time between checks and changes, you should consider the age of your mower and the size of the lawn you mow. As your mower ages, you may have to change the oil more frequently. And if the engine is new, you should change the oil after the first 5 hours of use.

The engine of a mower is the heart of the machine. It only runs well when you use the correct oil and change it regularly. Thus it’s essential to refer to your manual for the fuel required for the engine of your riding mower. Additionally, after mowing tall grass with too much debris, you should also check if the oil is still clean. If not, then change it before rerunning the engine.

How To Change Oil For A Lawn Mower?

When changing oil, you must have the necessary tools in hand, including a bucket with a lid, rug or cloth, a funnel, gloves, a wrench or pliers, and the new engine oil. Before you start, make sure the engine is off. That’s an important thing to note, and afterward, you can drain the oil. You should tilt it to get all the oil out.

For large mowers like a riding lawn mower, it could be too large to tilt, so you have to take extra care when doing it. And you must check the spark plugs and oil filter before putting the new oil. If any of them may wear out, replace them, but then if they are just dirty, you can only clean them. When adding oil, it’s wise to use a dipstick to ensure you have the right level.

Consistent Filter Checks and Changes when Necessary

It is imperative to check the filter continually. The filter prevents dirt or debris from beings sucked into the engine. Also, it helps to keep the engine oil clean for a longer time. Moreover, it maintains the correct air to fuel ratio in the engine since air prevents the engine from overheating. A dirty or malfunctioning filter will cause problems such as high fuel consumption.

Not only that, but you may face challenges when starting the engine. The engine can produce weird noises and unusually dark exhaust smoke. By then, the smell of fuel may become very strong. Therefore if you continue using the lawnmower with a dirty or faulty filter, your mower may fail to start, and you could damage it irreparably.

How To Clean a Foam Filter?

Just like when changing oil, you mustn’t clean the filter while the engine is still running. If it is a riding lawn mower ensure that the parking brake is engaged. Afterward, remove the air filter cover or housing.  Take out the foam filter and wash it with hot water. Use a liquid soap that removes grease. Never rinse it with a solvent because it damages the screen. Make sure you get rid of all the dirt and debris.

When you’ve finished cleaning your filter, dry it out as much as you can using a paper towel. Roll the clean filter in clean motor oil. Make sure the filter saturated in oil. The oil should not drip, and if this happens, wrap the filter in a paper towel to remove the surplus oil. Besides, before you return the filter, clean the gasket. Filter is the part that seals the filter to the carburetor. Make sure the gasket has no tears or missing pieces.  Lastly, return the filter and screw the housing back on.

How To Clean a Dual Filter?

To clean a dual filter, the first thing to do is to unscrew the housing and loosen any nuts that connect the filter to the housing. Afterward, remove the foam filter from the paper cartridge and clean the paper filter. You can tap it on a hard surface to make dirt removal easy. But then you mustn’t try to clean a torn or soiled paper filter, instead replace it.

Just like on a foam filter, use liquid soap to wash it then dry it using a paper towel. Roll the foam filter in clean oil and remove any dripping oil using a paper towel. When you finish that, return the filter to its place and screw back the housing. Then check the gasket and make sure it is in good condition to avoid leaving gaps.

Use Appropriate Fuel

You must use the correct fuel for your riding lawn mower. If you use fuel with more ethanol than the engine can handle, this will damage the mower, especially when using it often during peak mowing seasons. And incompatible fuel can also damage the carburetor or even cause extreme damage to your mower. Thus it is pivotal to refer to your user manual to be sure of the fuel that matches your lawnmower.

Then after the peak mowing season, you should put a fuel stabilizer to stop the fuel and water from separating. This will ensure that when you use your mower in the next mowing season, it will continue to run with no problems. Lastly, you should check on how long your fuel stabilizer lasts, but most should last for 6 to 12 months.

Check Tires Constantly

Check your riding lawn mower’s tires regularly. If the tires have uneven pressure, it will cause problems with the mower and its parts. And it will also cause the mower to cut grass unevenly. That is because the deck would have set off.  It could be very annoying during the peak mowing period as you may want to cover as much ground as possible. To avoid any trouble, make sure you put pressure on the mower tires when necessary. If the tires are worn, just replace them.

Sharpen the Blade

Sharpening the blade of your lawnmower is an essential step. It helps maintain the health of your grass or lawn. Constant contact of the blade with stones and other sharp objects while mowing makes the blade blunt. For commercial mowers, this is very important because well-cut and healthy grass keeps customers happy. It is advisable to sharpen the blade just before the season begins. Failure to that could loosen the luster.

How to sharpen the blades of a lawnmower?

When sharpening the blades of a lawnmower, the first thing to do is to remove all the fuel in your mower. This will prevent it from spilling when the mower is turned to its side. Afterward, make a mark on the blade to help you return the blade correctly.  You can use the wrench to loosen and remove the mounting bolt or nut. Remove the blade and clamp it to a vice. If the blade is rusty, use steel wool to remove it.  Then sharpen the blade with a metal file in short and smooth strokes until it is sharp again. If the blade is severely damaged, use a bench grinder to sharpen it. Additionally, you can check the blade’s balance using a balancer then replace the blade.

Cleaning the Deck of a Lawnmower

During the peak mowing season, the deck gets dirty very quickly. This is because grass builds up faster on the deck when you mow. Low maintenance of the lawnmower deck leads to rust build up your mower and reduces its efficiency. To clean it, simply scrape off the clippings that are stuck. Then use a damp cloth or towel to remove the remaining dirt. When it is clean, during peak season, it is advisable to set the deck ½ an inch higher than your desired cutting height. This will ensure that the lawn will survive drier conditions.

Service Your Lawnmower

It may seem to be a costly process, but it essential to service your mower. This will ensure that it lasts longer. Even though you may be able to maintain your mower, a professional inspection would be more thorough. Make sure to read your manual to determine the recommended time between services.

Most people usually ignore the manual. But it has everything to instructs you on how to use your mower correctly. And it is wise to read your user manual before you use your mower for the first time and to refer back to it when necessary continually. This will help you preserve your equipment, and it cuts maintenance costs.

Proper storage of lawnmower

Above all, proper storage of your mower after use is also matters the most. Put it in a clean, cold, and dry place. You can store it in a garage, covered trailer, or any other dry area. Because if you leave your mower outdoors or in a moist environment after use it, it may end up eroding.

During the peak mowing season, it is essential to pay attention to all these elements because that’s when you’ll be using your mower the most. Whether you own the push mower or a riding lawn mower, all the aspects highlighted in this article are essential. And you will be assured of a problem-free peak mowing season.


1) How long does it take for the lawnmower to mow an acre?

It could take approximately 2hours to mow an acre. And that is if your landscaping doesn’t have any drawbacks; otherwise, it will exceed the estimated time.

2) Which is the best between Regular Mower and Riding Mower?

Riding mowers are best because they are used in both small and large areas. But regular mowers are only suitable for small yards.

3) How long should grass be before mowing?

Grass should be at least 3 to 4 inches before mowing. Cutting the grass shorter than that can eradicate the grass. And if the grass is cut too short, it may be invaded by weeds or damaged by the sun. On the other hand, keeping it too long could make mowing a tedious task. In winter, it is best to keep the grass long, but shorter grass is permissible during summer.

To sum up

After going through this post, you will be able to maintain your lawnmower during the peak mowing season. When the mowing season starts, you will get assured that your mower is working well. Not only that but if you keep it correctly, studies show that it can last for up to 20 years. I hope the highlighted tips will help you to cut the costs and minimize the probability of breaking down your machine.

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