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Well, it goes without saying, jabs and pricks from a worn-out tractor seat are as annoying as can be. They not only irritate the rider but also cause aches, pains, and bruises in places you least want. Now, why let yourself go through the excruciating experience of riding on a bad tractor seat. Replacing the whole tractor may cost you a fortune. Be that as it may, replacing the tractor seat alone is a perfect idea that will cost you much less.

Wondering how to replace a tractor seat? Look no further, this article will deliberate on just that. Even with no experience, expertise, or professional skills, the steps in this read are simple and easy to follow. With each step clearly articulated in layman’s terms, anyone can learn how to replace a tractor seat

Getting your tools ready

The first thing to do when you want to replace your tractor seat is to look for everything that you need. Doing so will help avoid last-minute runs that will only waste time or land you with the wrong item. Rather take your time to shop for the best quality stuff on the market. This will make the job much faster and easier. There are only a few things listed below that you will require.

Tools you will need

Bolts and nuts:

You can get these from a local hardware shop. Make sure you get the correct size that fits on your tractor. You can also use the bolts and nuts from the seat you remove when replacing your tractor seat.

The new tractor seat:

Shop from some of the best quality tractor seats trending on the market from Amazon. Some of the top-rated brands include RAPartsinc LVA10029 One New Yellow and the Blue TRAC Seats Brand. You can also get one from a local tractor seat shop. For buying guideline, you should read this article.

How to replace a tractor seat

In order to replace your tractor seat successfully, you must first make way for the new seat by removing the old one. With that being said, the steps below are divided into two categories. First are the steps to remove the old tractor seat then the steps to install the new tractor seat.

How to remove the old tractor seat

In order to replace a tractor seat you first need to remove the old one and attach the new seat. Removing the old tractor seat is a quick and easy process that requires only a few minutes. Below is a step-by-step process of how to remove the tractor seat.

Step 1 – Remove the bolts that attach the seat

The first thing to do is to detach the tractor seat. The seat is fixed firmly to a metal plate by two hex head bolts usually face downwards. In order to remove them so you must unscrew the nut first then remove the bolt. After doing so you can now safely lift up the seat.

Step 2 – Detach the frame

Now lift the footplate to which the seat was attached to expose the four hex head bolts that attach the fame. These bolts join the frame to the footplate or rear tank support of the tractor. Unfasten these bolts by unscrewing the nuts that hold the bolts in position. Doing so will detach it and making it safe to remove the frame.

As you remove the old seat remember to keep the bolts safe so that you can use them to attach the new seat.

How to install a new tractor seat

Now that you have safely removed the old seat you can now replace it with the new seat. The new seat must be positioned exactly where the old one was removed. Below are the steps you should follow to replace the old seat.

Step 1 – Position the footplate and metal platform

The footplate should be lowered and positioned properly. Make sure it is secured. Now raise the metal platform to which the base of the seat attaches.

Step 2 – Place the new seat

Unwrap the new seat and position the seat on the tractor carefully. Place it so that the four holes on the base of the seat align with all four holes on the platform. Be careful not to install the seat backward. Make certain that you face the seat down with its back on the platform so that you place it correctly.

Step 3 – Screw on the seat

Place the four bolts in position and screw on the nuts to secure the seat. Make sure that the bolts and nuts have been screwed on tightly and do not risk falling off to prevent accidents.

Step 4 – Screw the springs

To fix the springs you must first find the switch and detach the switch from the wire harness. Then press the switch in the center of the platform and lock it by sliding it upwards. You now insert the end of the wire attachment into the switch. Let the wire run underneath the seat and clip it onto the metal seat platform. Now you can choose to screw all four springs to make the seat firm or only two for a softer ride.

Step 5 – Lower the seat

Finally, lower the seat into position. You have now successfully replaced your previous tractor seat with a new one.


1.How do you clean a tractor seat?

Simple green is an excellent choice. It removes even black molds that appear on the tractor vinyl. It also works very well without tarnishing or discoloring the vinyl of the tractor seat.  For best results, leave it on the seat for 5 to 10 minutes before you rinse it off. for easier stains you can use soap and water to scrub the tractor seat clean.

2. How to remove a coin from a seat belt?

Dip a chopstick, toothpick, or any other similar thin stick into the glue and touch the coin with it. Now let it stay like that, resting on the coin for a while as you allow the glue to stick. Then pull the stick out carefully together with the glued coin. You can also try attaching a paper clip to the end of a wire. You then try to get the coin to stick on it then pull back the wire to take it out.

3. How do you make vinyl seats look new?

You can clean or replace the vinyl to make the seats look new. You can use ammonia mix or bleach mixture to get tough stains off your vinyl seats leaving them sparkling clean as good as new. A simple brush can also do the trick as the bristles reach for dirt in the inner parts of the seat. You can also remove the old vinyl and replace it with a new one to make the seats look new. A new vinyl can be shopped of at the nearest fabric shop.

Final words

Even though replacing your tractor seat may seem like a complex and tedious task it is actually quite easy. With these few steps, you can successfully replace your tractor seat even without prior experience, knowledge, or any expertise. Yes, you can do an exceptional pro-like job replacing your tractor seat with this article’s steps alone.

After this read, you have all the information and knowledge you need to get started. Within a short while you should have your new tractor seat replaced, fastened and ready to go. Although a few extra hands will lighten the burden, you might as well do it yourself. Even you will be surprised how quick, easy and effortless it is.

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