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by | May 7, 2021

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With the Covid-19 lockdown in place, staying indoors all day, every day has become the new normal. But it does have to be so when you have a backyard. There are a number of great backyard relaxation ideas that you can add to your backyard to revamp it and make it stand out. A backyard can be a place where you unwind, relax, have fun and enjoy all the things you love to do. So in this post, I’ve compiled 15 best backyard relaxation ideas that you can implement in your backyard to give it an amazing transformation.

1. Natural Landscape

The natural landscape is one of the best, cheap and simplest backyard ideas you can use to transform your backyard. If you are lucky to have a house with a great view, you can frame it with landscaping and furnishings. However, when you are landscaping, do not compete with the neighboring view and environment. Just make sure your landscape blends in.

The key to having a great landscape is to choose plants that adapt well to the environment and climate in which you live. Mix natives for your region with shrubs, vines, trees, and perennials. Maintenance and care are also key to having a great natural landscape, make sure the plants and lawn are well watered and healthy.

2. Include flower gardens

Do not just stick to landscaping only, include a flower garden in your backyard. The sight of carefully planned and selected flowers that look natural in their setting can really set a theme or mood. Who wouldn’t want to step outside every day to a yard full of beautiful varied exotic flowers and smell the flowers?

Not only do flower gardens beautify your backyard but they also purify the air and also add fragrance to your backyard. You can grow a variety of flowers by opting to grow both seasonal and perennial flowers so that all year round, your flower garden will be full of beautiful flowers.

3.Create borders

Creating borders in your backyard is essential as it provides you with infinite opportunities for imaginative planting. Even with a little bit of know-how, you can easily design the garden of your choice by creating borders. When you are creating borders, you also get to choose a theme that is more in tune with your taste and focus. You get to have a sense of harmony and unity when you choose a theme and a color palette.

The best thing about creating borders in your backyard is that you get to keep your backyard looking colorful all year round. You can do this by using a variety of plants with distinctive colors and dramatic shapes to create a contrast in your backyard.

4. Add shrubs

You can also add shrubs to your backyard garden to give it a more contemporary feeling and make it stand out. To spice up your backyard, instead of the ordinary flowerless shrubs, you can grow flowering shrubs and even vines near outdoor seating or dining areas to make a beautiful sight.

The best thing about shrubs is that there is so much you can do with them to recreate and decorate your backyard. You can trim them into any shape and size or even any character you want. However, maintenance and care are key for your backyard to always be spot on. You have to consistently trim and prune them as they tend to overgrow

5. Include comfortable seating

When you think about the summer, you probably envision yourself in your backyard, sipping a cold drink and enjoying the warm sunny weather. What better way to do all that, than you kicked back on comfortable seating?

If you want to create a backyard into a place you can relax and unwind add a deep comfortable seating set that is inclusive of, chaise lounges and throws in some cushions to make it comfortable.

On the lawn, you can also set up some lawn chairs, folding lawn chairs, and reclining chairs as you relax in the open. Whether it’s under an umbrella, by a swimming pool, on a deck, or even on the balcony a set of comfortable seating is necessary.

6. Build a patio

Build a private oasis in your own backyard by creating a patio that beckons you to want to go to your backyard to relax. Not a patio that will make you have second thoughts about going outside. The key to having a good patio is adding the very comforts you enjoy indoors onto your patio.

Go out of your way to create a multi-purpose patio where you can practice yoga, read, hang out with friends or even just relax and nap in the sun. To make it more homey and comfortable, consider adding personal touches that make it uniquely yours. To add a feeling of coziness and warmth to your patio, you can also add pillows, throws, and blankets.

7. Backyard fireplace

Add a fireplace to your backyard to make it more warm and more relaxing. A fireplace is another great feature that you add to your backyard. It is more permanent plus it complements a home, landscape, and the surrounding terrain.  A fireplace can also come in handy, especially during the cooler months or in the evening. Instead of building a fireplace, you can opt for a portable fire pit.

Nothing sounds more relaxing than you talking with the family next to a fire enjoying food and drinks, roasting wieners or marshmallows. It is even more romantic when you cuddle with a partner as you stare at the flames and marvel at the sky as you gaze at the moon and the stars.

8. Create a grilling area

There is so much you can do in your backyard, besides just chilling and breathing in the new fresh air, you can actually prepare a whole meal in your backyard if you create a grilling area. Creating a grilling area another great relaxation idea you can add to your backyard, after all, food that has been grilled tastes better.

With a griller in the backyard, you can dine outside or can hosts a party or an intimate casual get–together and enjoy some outdoor barbecues, steaks, and grill some pizza. It is more colorful, casual, fun, and more relaxing when you cook and dine outside with your family and friends. Cooking and dining outside is actually a great way to bond.

9. Include lighting

With the right kind of lighting, there is no need for you to rush back inside just because it is dark. With outdoor lighting, you can chill and relax in your backyard till late as the lights illuminate parts of the backyard. Not only do the lights illuminate through the dark but the lights also beautify your backyard especially if you use decorative lights.

Alternatively, you can use energy saver lights like solar and LED lighting fixtures, along with path markers, spotlights, and patio string lights to illuminate your backyard. The beautiful sight will definitely lure you and your guests outdoors and keep you there for as long as you desire as you will be having all the light you require.

Let see a video of the backyard relaxation ideas

10. Outdoor rugs

A pair of outdoor rugs is a must-have as it adds a touch of softness to your patio. You can put a large outdoor rug on your patio or shaded pergolas it takes the chill off the poured concrete floor. It also makes the outdoor table and seating area feel like an extension of the apartment. Plus it is a great excuse to style your backyard as you can play around with bold colors and put rugs with different textures that complement your backyard.

Outdoor rugs do come in handy especially if you have a narrow backyard. You can use multiple outdoor rugs to help divide the space and define areas such as a seating area and a place to grill.

11. Swinging bench

What could be more relaxing than laying back on your swinging bench in your backyard as you gaze at the sky and surrounding background? A swinging bench is definitely a great relaxation idea as you get to lay back on your swinging bench, close your eyes, dream a little, listen to the sound of nature and feel the breeze.

If you have a big backyard, a swinging bench is another great feature to add to your backyard. Nothing screams relaxation than a curved swinging bench hanging from the bough of a sturdy tree. You can also add a bit of stuff, pillows, and blankets to make it extra comfortable. Alternatively, you can also add a hammock for some serious relaxation.

12. Shaded Pergola

A shaded pergola is another great feature that you can add to your backyard. It provides you with the much-needed shade from the sun, rain, and wind while extending your home’s living space.

The beautiful sight of a shaded pergola one conjures up images of a vacation at a resort, on a sandy shore, or next to a pool. There’s something about a shaded pergola, projected above the other pieces of outdoor furniture that make it look exotic, fun, and inviting. It beckons you to sit under its shade and relax, maybe sip a cocktail or icy beverage. Alternatively, you can use an umbrella, build a gazebo, or vines growing on overhead roofs to create a shade in your backyard.

13. Create Privacy

Privacy is everything, without privacy relaxing becomes unachievable. To create privacy in your backyard, you can easily do so by dividing and secluding your backyard with carefully placed screens, walls or fences. Not only will this create privacy but it will also give your space a sense of mystery and surprise as you move throughout the backyard.

To create privacy, you can also add outdoor curtains. There are some privacy screens and enclosures that you can use to partition off part of your backyard. This will also temporarily protect you from the outdoor elements. Arbors, vines, and overhead roofs can also come in handy to create privacy as they also add to that feeling of seclusion and provide the necessary shade.

14. Add large outdoor table

A large outdoor table is also another great addition to your backyard. It really comes in handy as you can use it to serve a number of purposes. You can use it when you are dining outside as a whole family, as it can accommodate everyone. What better way to share and enjoy a meal with your family than when you are all seated together?

A large outdoor table can act as the centrepiece of your backyard, especially if you find a unique piece of furniture and ornaments to go along with it. Alternatively, you can use the table to unwind and play some board cards and card games or even do your outdoor DIY projects.

15. Backyard pool

A pool is a summer backyard essential. A backyard pool surrounded by a wooden deck and lush greenery is the perfect spot to relax and take a swim, especially during a hot summer day.

A backyard pool alone is a wonderful place to relax, exercise, and cool off. While the natural surroundings promote serenity, the sight and sound of water have a calming, restorative effect. However, if space or your budget doesn’t permit you to build a swimming pool alternatively you can create a pond, a small waterfall, or a fountain. A water feature is a must-have, not only does it beautify your backyard but you also get to enjoy the soothing sound of trickling water in your backyard. 



From backyard pools to swinging benches, these backyard relaxation ideas are a major inspiration for those seeking serenity. The list above is set to inspire and motivate you to revamp and recreate the backyard of your dreams.

You can purchase some of the features or you can choose to go full DIY and use your imagination and creativity to create the best backyard. No matter the size of your backyard, you can still try out some of these backyard relaxation ideas to transform your backyard to get the most out of it and enjoy all that it has to offer.

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